How to Survive Through Holidays Depression: 5 TOP Tips


Nexter will tell you how to cope with depression during festive season by means of traditional and alternative medicine.

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1. Say Hello Melancholia



Winter has come and brought not only the bright snow and romantic atmosphere of narrow park streets and cozy benches but also a well-known seasonal depression.

By accepting this fact, you are coming closer to the solution how to stay warm not only on the outside but also in the deepest corners of your soul and mind.

2. Laughing Meme therapy

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You can deal with the feeling of eternal sadness and insecurity, so-called “internal itch”, by methods of meme therapy.

Meme therapy is one of the most natural ways to cope with any kind of mental illnesses. Briefly speaking, it can help you to reduce the stress and produce serotonin that is known as a contributor to happiness.

Also, I must note that speaking seriously about non-serious stuff is some kind of a remedy too.

Check out some meme websites we have chosen for you:,,,

3. YouTube therapy

As a part of a YouTube therapy, check out ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) practice. Basically, it is people whispering in the video and creating pleasant noises that help you to relax and fight insomnia during the seasonal depression.

Take the headphones and get comfortable – ASMR Darling has prepared for you a series of role-plays on various themes: school nurse, hair stylist, Game of Thrones, video gaming, Star Wars and more.

In addition, you can check out a video of one of the famous British YouTubers – Daniel Howell ‘Daniel and Depression” – and decide which of the ways of coping with melancholia and depression is best for you.

Actually, this guy has tons of videos on existential crises and depression with funny awkward stories and witty remarks.

4. Art Therapy


Art therapy is quite similar to the laughing therapy as they both help the person to relax and forget about their troubles and strugglings and release the energy that helps to create a brand new person.

There are several types of art therapy: dancing, drawing, singing, composing music, playing the guitar, etc. As a first step, we strongly recommend you signing some of Queen’s songs in the shower. Or Christmas carols.

Repeating the lines of “Show must go own” will implicitly influence your brain and will evoke the willingness to live the life out loud.

You have the opportunity to combine both meme and art therapy and create your own memes about your life. No matter what you choose, you will not wait for the incredible results.

5. ‘Minions’ of traditional methods of treatment



Remember that D is not only for Depression but also for the ‘sunny’ vitamin D! In the fall the days become shorter, so there is no opportunity to see the sun which is a main contributor to the vitamin D.

The lack of this vitamin can cause depression. To prevent this from happening, add to your daily menu the following items that are rich in the vitamin D.



You may also try traveling as a depression remedy and begin with a trip to the bathroom. Make sure that you feel comfortable with those first steps and only then try to overcome longer distances – to the product store or to the place of studying/working.

Does seasonal depression count as a sport? No, so you better get rid of it as soon as possible.


Check this out:

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How to Survive Through Holidays Depression: 5 TOP Tips
How to Survive Through Holidays Depression: 5 TOP Tips
Christmas is almost here! Nexter will tell you how to cope with depression during festive season by means of traditional and alternative medicine.
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