How to Spend a Date Tonight: Leonid Meteor Shower Peak


The middle of November is known for the breathtaking view of Leonid meteor shower.

Read on Nexter how not to miss one of the most beautiful phenomena of the year and take the spellbinding photos.



Major annual showers

During November, the remains of Tempel Tuttle Comet collide with the Earth’s atmosphere giving birth to this phenomena.This year the shooting stars can be observed 17-18 of November. The peak of the meteor shower falls on Friday night.

Leonid meteor shower can be seen all over the entire Earth. No matter where are you standing right now, you have an opportunity to be the observe the marvelous activity of the Leonids – 10 to 15 meteors per hour.

Radiant altitude of Leonids


Source: Meteors and How to Observe Them, Robert Lunsford

As it can be seen from the table, it is easier to observe the Leonid meteor shower activity from the equator. Despite the fact that the nights are shorter on the equator, it is still better to enjoy the view from the places near to this zone than from the northern latitudes.

The radiant activity culminates at the dawn, consequently, it is the most convenient time to take outstanding photos and give your boyfriend/girlfriend an opportunity to come closer to the mysterious star world.

How to take photos



If you are a skilled skywatcher and an owner of a telescope, you are ready to amaze your soul mate. However, if you do not have special equipment to observe radiant shining, check out some companies where you can buy or rent a telescope:

  • Orion Telescopes & Binoculars: check out Orion on sale offers. Price: $75-over $2400. Free shipping in order of $250+.
  • Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes: you can find both brand new equipment and used/demo telescopes. Price: $800-4000.
  • Adorama: the store is rich in telescope accessories, eyepieces, and astrophotography accessories. Price:  $20-16000.

If you are on a short budget, you can make a telescope from scratch:

Or, you can take photos with your phone camera. Of course, they won’t be as high quality as the ones taken by astrophotography telescope, but they still can be a valuable reminder of a beautiful night.

Surprise your date

For the amateur skywatchers who do not seek for the beautiful photos, we have written another sweet scenario. Ask your date to go out tonight, take a car, lean back and observe the endless waltz of galaxies in the embrace of your beloved one.

Do not worry if you miss the meteor shower in November. The sky prepares something new for us every month: two meteor showers in December (Geminids and Ursids).

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