How to Save on Shopping in Winn-Dixie?


This southern grocer provides loyal customers with a broad range of money-saving opportunities. Take advantage of these techniques the next way you go shopping for food supplies. Not only can you buy more for less. You can even earn on your grocery visits! Here is how.


Download the App

With the Winn-Dixie app, everything you need is instantly accessible wherever you go. If you happen to leave your rewards card at home, the cashier can simply scan the code from your smartphone. All coupons and weekly ads, which you may find in Winn Dixie weekly circular online, are accessible through your portable device.

If you are a busy parent with little free time, the app is a godsend. Scroll through grocery ads while commuting or waiting in line – this way, planning your next shopping visit does not take extra time. In addition, you may also avoid impulse purchases. Coupons may be downloaded and printed, or shown right in the app.

Create Shopping Lists Online

Everybody knows that shopping without a list is potentially harmful to your budget. Luckily, Winn-Dixie can compile their lists online through the store’s app or website. This way, you will have a clear understanding of what items you need and how much they will cost.

Open the site and head to the weekly ad section. There, you can create a list by clicking on the products you need. What makes it even more convenient is the automatic reflection in the app.


Get a Reward Card

The loyalty program opens access to reduced prices every single day. For instance, you may be able to snatch two packages of Cafe Bustelo coffee for only $5, which means a dollar saved. Each container of Dannon Greek Yogurt may cost 15 cents, and so on.

As a member, you will also eligible for fuel perks. This will cut your spending at the pump. For every $50 spent at the store, you get 5 cents off each gallon on your next visit to the gas station. Moreover, if you buy special items marked with blue stickers, you may get up to 15 cents off your fuel. If you stack these bonuses on top of regular ones, you may get your gas for free.

Fill Out Store Surveys

Keep your receipts – they may bring you free money. At the bottom, there is a special code that needs to be entered on This website section offers quick surveys for customers with paid participation, and the rewards are really useful.

For instance, a single survey completed within 72 hours of the visit gives you a $5 off coupon valid for purchases of and over $40. This is easy money for only a few minutes of your time. Moreover, this bonus coupon could remain valid for almost a month! Just add it to your rewards card, and it is ready to be used!

Keep Track of Markdown Days

The “use or freeze by” date on meats is not connected to its safety. In fact, it may be used to your advantage. The store sticks high-value coupons on products that are approaching their to their “use or freeze by” date. The discounts may be tremendous – for instance, you may see chicken for half a dollar per pound.

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How to Save on Shopping in Winn-Dixie?
This southern grocer provides loyal customers with a broad range of money-saving opportunities.
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