How to Properly Use HP Printers


If you have invested in a HP printer then you are probably pleased with how well it works for you and the quality of printing that it produces. However, many HP owners do not use their machine effectively and end up paying more for maintenance and HP printer ink than they need to. Take a look through some of our advice and find out exactly how to use you HP printer to its full potential.


Use the Range of Printing Options

The first thing that many people fail to do is to use the range of printing options available to them. From greyscale and draft to full colour and photo, there are many different settings available to you. When you are ready to print, take a moment to work out what you need the copy for and then print it using the right setting. For homework drafts and documents at home then draft or greyscale is ideal, but if you are printing an important letter then you may want to choose the best printing option to get the best finish.

Maintain it Regularly

When you own a printer it is easy to forget that it needs to be looked after on a regular basis, especially if it is performing well like a HP does. Rather than leaving it to chance, put a maintenance date in your diary! Running the printer head cleaning function needs to happen once a quarter if you use your printer a lot or once every six months if you don’t. You will also need to schedule in time to wipe your printer down and check ink levels each week so that dust doesn’t cause it to seize up.

Buy the Right Ink

Rather than paying lots for genuine ink, try an ink specialist like Smart Ink instead. With many great HP ink options you can look forward to getting your HP 933 ink cartridge (or similar) for much less than you’d normally pay. In fact, a compatible HP Envy cartridge (or similar) is not only cheaper this way but is often better quality and simpler to get hold of. Try it today and be amazed at the difference or get the company to refund you if you are not happy.

Think About Paper

Just like you should consider the type of printing you are doing; it is also important to think about the type of paper you are using too. With so many different choices, you should probably consider stocking up on the types you will need. First, it is wise to have a reem of draft paper on hand – this is thinner paper that works well for everyday use. Next, invest in some quality paper for important documents and letters. Finally, have a stock of photo paper so that your prints look great every time.

Use Your Printer Well

When you follow our key advice when using your HP printer then you will find that not only does it last longer but it works better. Take the time to care for it, install replacement ink and choose your paper and printing options properly to maximise it’s potential.

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How to Properly Use HP Printers
If you have invested in a HP printer then you are probably pleased with how well it works for you and the quality of printing that it produces.
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