How to Pick a Gift for an Anniversary


Picking a gift for your anniversary can be nerve-wracking because you want to get it right with something you know they will enjoy and that shows that you love them and appreciate them. With a little thought and planning, you can be confident your gift will show your significant other just how grateful you are to have them in your life.


Interests and preferences

The best gifts are those that show that you understand your loved ones likes and dislikes. This shows that you take notice about what they have said or that you have witnessed them enjoying.  It may have been an overheard conversation, a comment about something on the television or in a magazine.

Write a list of your beloved’s interests and hobbies. Make a list of as many things you know they like, including not just things, but places and experiences as well so your gift can be both personal and thoughtful.

Practical gifts that are a treat

Consider if there is something that your sweetheart needs in their life, but which they cannot justify buying for themselves right now. If their phone has a cracked screen, consider an upgraded phone.  If their gym bag is looking a bit tatty, look for something you know they would love, like leather or other branded duffel bag or perhaps backpack bag if they have a long trip between the gym and the home or office which can hold a laptop, shoes and change of clothes.

You can make your gifts fun as well as practical. There is a list of traditional and modern wedding anniversary gifts by year which means that

A romantic gift

We all have hundreds of photographs on our phones.  Pick out your favorite photograph of the two of you together in the last year and print this out. Gift the photo in a frame that fits the home décor so that you can enjoy this gift daily. You could add a short note explaining why you chose this particular photo, what it means to you and why you appreciate walking this journey of life along with them.

Another romantic gift idea is to choose a piece of home décor that you can have on display as a daily reminder of your love for each other. Red roses are a sign of passionate love, making a perfect gift for an anniversary, but bouquets wilt within a week, so consider a natural rose preserved at the peak of perfection and then gilded which will look good in all house designs.

Experience gifts

Arranging an experience as a gift can create lovely memories. You could book a couples massage, go on a tandem skydive or offer them a bungee jump. Less energetic would be a dinner at a restaurant you know they love or would be delighted to visit.

Experience gifts also include offering the chance for them to learn a new skill. Whether to learn a new language for your next holiday, have practical lessons in Indian cookery or study for a diploma in art history, if there is something you know they are keen to learn more about, make this happen and promise to take on any chores or duties that have to be given up to enable this experience to take place.


Every anniversary must be celebrated. There are so many calls on our time that it is easy to be caught up with other responsibilities when really our number one priority should be our partner. If finances are a struggle, gift a jar of hand-written vouchers in which you offer to do their chores that day/week or that you promise to take the kids out for the day, so she has time for herself, or that you will leave him at home for a boys night in as a break from the usual routine.

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How to Pick a Gift for an Anniversary
Picking a gift for your anniversary can be nerve-wracking because you want to get it right
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