How To Manage Happiness of Your Life


Each and every one of us is responsible for our own lives. That means we are responsible for our own growth and development. Adults are not children, so we need to give them the space to grow them and to develop themselves personally. We can offer suggestions, we can provide a listening ear and a huge hug when they need it, but in the final analysis, that person has the final say on their life and where it’s going.

We need to respect adults for the mature, capable adults they are supposed to be and not micro-manage their life. That does not make for a good boss, nor does it make for a healthy relationship with others.

Instead of trying to control others or even trying to control ourselves, we need to manage our individual lives. That means you should not hold up your individual growth and progress by waiting on others to make a decision that may or may not affect your life. You may be waiting on others to want a better life for themselves and because you are growing and moving forward you do not want to leave them behind. However, if someone doesn’t want something for themselves there is no way you can force them to want it.

I will even go as far as to say that what you may want for someone may not be what they want for themselves or they are not ready as yet to make changes in and for their life. While it is commendable to want more for others, you cannot keep your life stuck waiting for others. It is important that you do not stop your growth for anyone, therefore, it is imperative that you keep your life moving forward while focusing on your growth.

Another point to take heed of is that people can and will string you along for as long as they can before you even realize what is happening. They will give you a sad story to draw you in or they will say the right words that they know will pull at your heart strings and you find yourself understanding them and waiting on them. You are now at their mercy. They can pull you and twist you up in any way till Sunday. Do not blame yourself once you realize or become aware of what is happening. Forgive yourself for getting caught up in the madness and now start to take steps to get your life going again preferably without those individuals.

Once you become aware of what is going on, you will no longer allow your life to remain stuck. People can make promises all they want, however, it is in the doing that you should put faith in, especially when it comes to your personal life. Do not accept not allow anyone to run amuck in your personal life and leave it in disarray. If you find that your personal life is in disarray as a result of who and what was in it, then it’s time to do some internal house-cleaning.

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ENOUGH! Your life is not meant to be mediocre nor is it meant to be wasted being stuck in the same existence with no change. No, you are meant to live an EXTRAORDINARY life. So don’t be afraid that by you moving forward you are leaving people behind. If they are for you they will be right beside you as you move forward. If they are not for you, then you will meet other people as you move your life forward.

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