How to Make Your Rhinoplasty Recovery Pleasant


Too much information is not always good. When undergoing Rhinoplasty Toronto you might expect a long and painful recovery, maybe because you’ve read a couple of posts about the biggest challenges some people have faced during the recovery. Hence, now you are anticipating the worst. Most of the people who undergo the procedure rarely describe it as an extremely painful experience. The patients usually complain of congestion, pressure, itchy nostrils and inconveniences, but rarely pain. Here is how you can make your recovery a pleasant experience.


Get prepared

Preparing in advance goes a long way when it comes to recovery. It is highly recommended to clean your whole house, do the laundry and get some loose tops that avoid your nose before you undergo the surgery. Pick up snacks, straws, books, magazines and anything else that you might need to make your recovery period more convenient. You might feel a bit of nausea after the procedure due to general anaesthesia. Have light meals handy. Prepare in advance for the help that you might need. Ask your friend or family to lend you a hand with errands, drive you to the appointments and with child or pet care. You could also hire a house help.

Watch what you eat

After undergoing the procedure you will need enough calories and a lot of energy to fuel cell repair and immunity. One of the ways to ensure that your diet is good enough is that you feel energized and heal quicker. Consume whole and healthy food and avoid the junk, even though you might be tempted, it is for your good. It is suggested to avoid smoking as it decreases circulation. Also, avoid high sugar and processed foods as they are neither good fuels nor do they have any nutritious value. Loading up on protein, fruits and veggies which have vitamins, healthy fats and a lot of water will help to heal your nose effectively and efficiently.

Don’t consider your recovery time as bedrest

After undergoing certain cosmetic surgery, you might not be advised to move around or do any regular movements. There might be a slight risk of blood clots in your leg after undergoing the procedure as it is done under the influence of general anaesthesia. It is usually a concern for those people who have a history of deep-vein thrombosis or health factors which increase the risk. After undergoing rhinoplasty you can safely walk up and down the stairs, around the block and also around the house, as long as you go slow.

Plan a staycation

Once you’ve undergone the procedure, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go to a beautiful place to recover. However, ensure that you don’t schedule activities like swimming, sports or facials or anything like that which you won’t be able to enjoy. You could lounge on the beachside in shade or stay in the hotel while reading in peace surrounded by beautiful things. You could even unplug communication devices and turn your homestay into a staycation.

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When undergoing Rhinoplasty Toronto you might expect a long and painful recovery, maybe because you’ve read a couple of posts about the biggest challenges
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