How to Make Your Own Movie


If you dream of becoming a movie director or a household name like Steven Spielberg, you’ll need to know exactly what it takes to make your own movie. Your goal is well within your reach. Here’s how to make a movie to call your own.

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Start by considering a short film as your initial project. Short films can be a great way to get your foot in the door in the movie-making sphere. In fact, it’s often a rite of passage for new filmmakers to start out with shorter projects before moving on to longer ones. For beginners, this style is often easier to make, and it can even be more interesting for your audience.

When individuals first think of making their own movie, they often get stumped on the scriptwriting piece. Even with short films, it’s intimidating to sit down and focus on writing a script if you’ve never done it. Fortunately, there are awesome resources out there to help you. Do not forget to simultaneously study the best and worst representatives of the genre and the cinema in general. This will help to shape your vision for the project.

First, make sure you always have a notebook or paper handy. People often find inspiration at the weirdest times. They’ll have their best ideas in the shower or right when they wake up. Those ideas can go as soon as they come, and you don’t want to miss out on them!


Another way to get good ideas down on paper is to start by writing about what you know so that you can draw from your own experiences. People frequently make the mistake of thinking that you have to make something extreme to make it interesting, and this isn’t the case at all. Create relatable characters in realistic scenarios and you’re already on your way to a winning movie script. If you need a tutorial for reference, here is a good place to start.

Also, keep in mind how you’ll produce your film. You get your idea, you write your script, you cast your film, and then you actually film it. Now you need to put the finishing touches on it. There are so many common editing mistakes for first-time filmmakers. Luckily, if you start with short films, then you don’t have as much to tackle. That said, overusing transitions, making too many cuts, waiting too long to add audio to build the scene, these happen more than you’d think. But do not forget to experiment and try new things, even if it concerns video editors. Here is one of those that will be useful for a novice director. This way, you can be prepared for all the post-production madness. You want to be proud of your final product!


And who knows? Perhaps you’ll even game some short film recognition. There are so many production festivals, it’s now easier than ever to win awards and get your name out there. Your reputation, confidence, knowledge, and skills will grow with each production. Here are three of our favorite examples of how you can thrive in the short-film sphere – even as a beginner!

All of them

are available on YouTube:

·       Memories

·       Different

·       Love and Hamburgers

There you have it! All the steps to making your very first hit movie. Jump in with both feet and learn things the hard way. You got this!

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How to Make Your Own Movie
If you dream of becoming a movie director or a household name like Steven Spielberg, you’ll need to know exactly what it takes to make your own movie.

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