How to Host a Successful Jack and Jill


Whether you call it a bachelor and bachelorette party or stag and stagette, the last hurrah before a wedding is one of the most fun parties a couple will ever experience. However, many couples have shared friends or friends of the opposite gender that they’d like to bring together.

To host a successful Jack and Jill party, both sides of the equation need to be in alignment about what will be fun and acceptable. With the right combination of people, games, and drinks, a Jack and Jill party can be even more fun than two separate events. Here’s how to host a successful Jack and Jill for your best mates.

Icebreaker Games

Start the event off right by getting everyone a little more comfortable with each other’s presence. For many, this Jack and Jill will be their first ever, and they may be meeting new people. Icebreaker games should start slow and ease people into some funny, uncomfortable situations.

A few rounds asking people some innocent Would You Rathers can go downhill into some less-than-savory lines of questioning as the wine starts flowing. Drinking games like the Picolo app can get the night started in a hurry.

Lots of Food

Regardless of what line of activities you choose for the evening, be sure that there’s lots of food available. This will help offset the effects of the mass amounts of alcohol that are likely to be consumed throughout the evening. Also be sure to have lots of non-alcoholic drinks available to keep people hydrated throughout the evening.

Be creative with your food options, offering a midnight nacho bar or baked potato buffet. Another popular option is to call local food trucks and have them come to you later in the evening. This takes the pressure off the host or hostess for providing food while adding versatility to your offering.

Handling the Adult Entertainment Issue

For some, having an erotic dancer is an expectation at a bachelor or bachelorette party. The issue gets a little more complicated at a Jack and Jill. Many hosts and hostesses wonder how to handle this situation. The best approach is to discuss it candidly with the bride and groom to ensure everyone is on the same page. If there will be any dancers present, be sure to let the other guests know.

If there is to be no adult entertainment present, be sure to watch out for the wild card guests who sometimes take matters into their own hands. A surprise guest can put a damper on the evening, even if the intentions were good.


Despite having a joint party, there are lots of games you can play to keep the evening flowing. Large board games like Jenga and Checkers are great for outside parties, as well as fan favourites like bocce, horseshoes, and washer toss. You can even create a Twister game on the lawn using spray paint.

Depending on the formality of the party, you can incorporate drinking games like beer pong and flip cup or field day inspired activities like Tug of War. Minute to Win It inspired games are also easy to put together and create a lot of laughter.

Party Favors

The best party favor for Jack and Jill is undoubtedly a hangover kit. Put together favor bags with Tylenol, water, Gatorade, Pepto Bismol, coffee, and an eye mask. Not only is the favor bag one of the more useful party favors someone will receive, but it’s also easy to put together and gender neutral. Consider doing before and after mugshots for a fun memento of the party.

While most people are disappointed to hear that they’re headed to a joint party, you can make it a memorable occasion that goes down as the party of the decade.

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