How to Host a Small Wedding Reception When Renewing Your Vows


Are you ready to express your undying love for your spouse once again? If you’re thinking about renewing your vows, you may prefer to have a smaller, more intimate wedding reception this time around.

Do you have a wedding party? Where should you host this cherished event?

We’ll do our best to answer these questions and more. So stick around for tips about hosting a small wedding reception while renewing your vows.

Tip #1: Wedding Party – Yes or No?

Some couples struggle when it comes to whether or not they should add a wedding party of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Basically, it all comes down to your personal preferences.

You see, you really aren’t required to invite a wedding party to stand up on your behalf this time around. But you may be sentimental and want your original wedding party attending by your side. Or you might want your children, grandchildren, or other relatives standing next to you as you express your love for one another during your vowel renewal event.

So, if you really are trying to keep this ceremony small, you might not want to have a wedding party as part of the festivities. On the other hand, you may have cherished people that love you and want them to stand next to you during this extra special ceremony.

If you do choose to add a wedding party, you can find stunning yet affordable bridesmaid dresses & bridesmaid gowns (Azazie) online. Finding the best gowns online is the convenient way to discover amazing attire for your bridesmaids without asking them to inconvenience their busy lives too much.

Tip #2: Decorating Your Small Wedding Reception

When you think about weddings, extravagance typically comes to mind. With a smaller, more intimate vow renewal ceremony, you shouldn’t feel compelled to go too overboard unless you want to.

As an example, you can order vending machine candy online at and use it to create a beautiful candy buffet and display. In this case, you’re creating a beautiful decorative piece for your wedding reception. Plus, you’re also giving your guests wonderful candy treats that they can enjoy.

Think about decorating your reception hall with flowers, centerpieces, ribbons, candles, and other low-cost yet attractive decorative features. By approaching decorations this way, you’ll make your wedding reception look stunning yet you can decorate very inexpensively, which is certainly important if you’re on a tight budget.

Tip #3: Choosing the Right Venue

Picking the perfect venue to renew your vows is also a matter of personal preference. Some may prefer to host this smaller and intimate event in the comfort of their own home. Others might choose a local catering hall in their neighborhood. Still, others may decide to host this special event at their country club, golf club, or the location of an important institution that they belong to.

Ultimately, you have to pick your venue in conjunction with your guest list. If you plan to invite 50 people, you may not be able to comfortably accommodate everyone in your home unless you live in a mansion and have a large backyard. In this situation, you’d be much better off renting space in a catering hall that regularly hosts wedding receptions.

On the other side of the coin, if you only plan to invite your closest family members and friends, you could easily fit everyone in your home. So base this decision on your guest list and choose the best location to comfortably accommodate everyone on your special day.

Final Thoughts

Renewing your wedding vows should be an extra special experience in your life. Try not to get too overwhelmed during the planning stages and use our tips to host the perfect small wedding reception this time around.

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