How To Help Your Favorite Artists


Whether it is Spotify, Youtube or Deezer, we have all used streaming platforms. These new platforms have drastically changed the way in which we consume music and therefore the music industry in its entirety. The quantity of music we can access is at an unprecedented high as it has never been easier for artists to share their music and build their following without having to turn to major record labels that take a piece of their profits.


However, new streaming platforms that account for over 80% of the music market revenue have made it increasingly difficult for musicians to monetize their music and make a living. Therefore, more than ever, it has become the consumer’s responsibility to look out for the interests of their favourite artists. Here are a few ways in which you can make sure your favourite artists are getting paid fairly:

Attend Live Events

With possibilities of making money on the physical sales of music decreasing and streaming payments often insufficient, many artists rely on tours and concerts for their financial stability. Whether it is a small gig or a festival, don’t miss out on your chance to support your favorite artists and experience their art live.

More Equitable Streaming Platforms

Growingly unhappy with streaming payments, artists have come together to bring the public platforms that offer more fair payments as well as greater audio quality of streaming. This is the case of Tidal that is offering discounts on their subscriptions on Launched by Jay-Z and Beyonce in 2015, Tidal is the streaming platform that offers the highest payment of any streaming platform as well as superior audio quality and exclusive content.

Share Their Music

Advertising is a big expense for artists and is particularly challenging for small artists that need to build up a loyal fanbase with limited resources. You can help your favourite artists by sharing their music on your social media or by word of mouth, a communication channel that is a lot more effective than traditional channels.

Buy Their Products And Merchandise

For a lot of artists, whether they are big or small, sales of their products and merchandise constitute a majority of their income. Most artists now have their own fashion brands and sell merchandise directly on their social media or website pages. These purchases can go a long way, especially for small artists who also sell CDs and vinyls to those fans who want a different, more qualitative listening experience.

One can hope that the industry will listen to the concerns of artists and that we will see some real change in the way they are treated over the next years. However, in a competitive, capitalistic market, it is hard to imagine the traditional streaming services changing their offerings as long as consumers continue to stream and subscribe to their services in record numbers. For the time being, only the consumers can make a difference. Whether it’s by buying cds, going to concerts, promoting artists or by switching to newer more equitable platforms, it is more than ever a necessity that consumers keep the interests of their favourite artists at heart.

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How To Help Your Favorite Artists
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