How To Go From Online Relationships To Real-Life Ones


Singles are drawn to dating websites like this for many reasons, especially convenience. Once you embark on a quest to find a girl to date online, using the Internet will give you so much choice, literally at your fingertips. People who think themselves shy when it comes to connecting with a potential love interest can find it easier getting to know someone in this relaxed environment. Whatever has inspired you to become an online dater, there’s one constant: the time will come to transfer your relationship to the offline world. Here are tips towards making a successful transition.

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Always be honest in the digital environment

In order to facilitate a smooth evolution from a virtual relationship to the offline equivalent, it’s essential there are no surprises. So when you’re texting each other via the dating site’s communication platform, never be tempted to invent elaborate aspects of your personality in a misguided attempt to impress. When you eventually do meet up in the real world and start proper conversations, you’ll want to be starting from a default position of honesty, not being forced to untangle a tissue of half-truths or outright lies. You’ll develop a much better rapport if you’re honest and above board at all times.

Learn to recognize warning signs

One red flag to look out for is the so-called ‘submariner.’ This is someone you might encounter who appears to be keen and gives encouraging signals during your online chats, only to disappear without a trace for periods of time, only to reappear some time later as if nothing has happened. Along with someone occasionally referring to you by the wrong name, or telling you the same story they previously divulged last week, these are indications of someone who is juggling any number of single connections. If your relationship is to flourish in the offline setting, you need to be able to trust the person you’ve just arranged to date. If someone is untrustworthy on the Internet, this is who they are. They are hardly likely to change just because they’ve stepped from behind their web browser.

Communication is everything

When you come across someone on a dating site you feel a genuine connection with, the key to developing a real sense of chemistry is to communicate regularly. Don’t just drop the occasional text chatting about what you had for dinner yesterday. As you gain their confidence, and vice versa, think of deeper conversation topics to indulge in. Discuss your longer-term aspirations. Focus on interesting topics, peppering your chat with flirty asides and humorous anecdotes. Share your innermost thoughts. In no time at all, you’ll create an atmosphere where your relationship is so much more than two random strangers who have connected by sending online messages. You will have forged a genuine connection, and making plans to take your partnership into the real world will be the next logical step. You’ll already know so much about each other’s backstories, the face-to-face connection will be immediate and exciting.

Relax when planning your date

Where to actually convene for your first offline encounter is something you need to consider carefully. Until you really get to know the person, you should err on the side of caution and arrange to hook up somewhere in public. Don’t put undue pressure on yourself during the date. If it isn’t panning out as well as you were hoping, don’t put up with the situation out of tact. Just politely excuse yourself and leave. Hopefully, you won’t find yourself in this position, but it’s useful to cover every eventuality beforehand for peace of mind.

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