How To Get Super Cheap Flights To Anywhere In The World  


From beaches in Ibiza to the Empire State Building in New York, seeing the world is something most of us want to do. However, with long-haul flight tickets being as costly as they are, the luxury of travelling overseas is often reserved for people who can afford to fork out hundreds if not thousands of pounds per trip.


Luckily, seasoned globetrotters have cracked the code on securing phenomenal flight deals for a fraction of the average cost and we’ve gathered their best-kept secrets to share with our readers.

Here are five genius ways to keep airfare to a minimum (or, if you’re lucky, eliminate them entirely!)

Always book your flight in “incognito” mode
It’s a common (albeit sneaky) practice for airlines to increase their prices each time you search a particular flight. They do this to trick you into thinking that ticket prices are increasing, urging you to act fast and buy the ticket immediately. Don’t be fooled! Close all the windows in your browser and look up the same flights in incognito mode. You’ll find that the prices are back to normal.

Choose flights with long layovers
If you’re not in a rush to get to your destination, consider booking a flight with a layover of five hours or more. Most often, flights with lengthy layovers are cheaper than faster routes. Similarly, journeys with multiple layovers are often cheaper than direct routes.

While a long layover may seem inconvenient, large international airports often have a variety of lounges, restaurants and shops to explore. Super long layovers are also a great opportunity to explore the city – just be sure to look up visa requirements before planning a day trip during your layover!

Get compensation for delayed flights
This only applies to flights travelling in or out of Europe, but could end up saving you hundreds of pounds! In qualifying circumstances, passengers are entitled to up to £510 compensation under EU law, which could cover the entire cost of your flights in some cases. If you find yourself in this situation, use a company such as AirHelp to claim your compensation for a delayed flight.

Tuesdays are the cheapest day to fly
There’s a lot of speculation about when the cheapest day of the week is to fly, although the general consensus seems to be on a Tuesday. As a rule of thumb, always use a flight search engine that can scour the internet and compare prices on different days. That way you can get an overview of when the cheapest day is to fly- whether it’s Tuesday or not.

Book “hidden city” flights
This one requires a bit of effort, but if you get it right you’ll save a ton of money! Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy a flight ticker that connects at your chosen destination and then flies on to another city. To take advantage of these cheaper flights, simply leave the airport during your layover instead of continuing on the journey.

It should be noted that this travel hack can be risky. If you have check-in luggage you won’t be able to access it during the layover and it will be sent to the final destination. Also, in some cases, passengers aren’t permitted to leave the plane if it’s continuing on to the next destination on the ticket.

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How To Get Super Cheap Flights To Anywhere In The World  
From beaches in Ibiza to the Empire State Building in New York, seeing the world is something most of us want to do.
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