How to Get Rid of Double Chin


The face is always the most important part of the body. We look at the face to communicate. It defines how we look. The face is also the gateway to our soul. All our desires, thoughts, and worries show up on the face. It shows how we feel, our emotions.

The double chin can be a bothersome feature of our face. With age and weight gain, the double chin can ruin a perfectly beautiful face, which can cause a loss of confidence and self-esteem. It is a common condition that can also make you look older.

Causes of a Double Chin

What is a double chin? It is an extra skin layer or submental fat between your face and skin. Obesity is the most common cause. Those who are not obese can also have a double chin. Sometimes, genetics, pool thyroid health, and sinus allergies can also cause a double chin. Our skin begins to get loose as we age. This also causes the problem.

Whatever the cause, luckily, there are treatments available to get rid of the double chin. There is plastic surgery and cold sculpting treatment. Diet changes will help. There are also exercises like the lymphatic drainage massage for double chin removal.

Exercises to Remove Your Double Chin

There are many exercises for double chin removal. Make sure that you perform them consistently and after doing proper warm-up and stretching. Here are some of them –

  • Straight jaw-jut – First, tilt your head back. Look up at the ceiling. Now, push your lower jaw forward. You should feel a stretch below the chin. Hold this position for around 10 seconds. Relax. Return to the normal position. Perform this exercise 10-15 times daily.
  • Fish-face – Here, you have to suck up air into your cheeks and lips. Your face must look like the mouth of a fish when you do. Now, hold the position for around 5-10 seconds. Relax. Repeat this exercise several times a day, whenever you have the time.
  • Neck stretching – This is called the Lord Brahma or the Brahma Mudra pose. This is a very good exercise for toning the muscles of your neck. For this, you must first sit comfortably. Turn your neck slowly to the right. Hold this posture. Return to the normal position. Look upward. Now, turn your neck to the left and hold. Once again, come back to the neutral position. Now, look down and try to touch the upper chest with your chin. Do this 5-10 times daily.
  • Ball exercise – Stand or sit comfortably. Place a small squeezable ball below your chin. Now, use your chin to squeeze this ball slowly. Do this exercise 15-20 times every day.
  • Blowing air – Sit comfortably. Look upward towards the ceiling. Now, blow out air from your mouth while you hold your lips together. Blow out for about 15 to 20 seconds. Relax. You can do this exercise several times daily.
  • Chewing gums – This is always a good exercise for the facial muscles. Your double chin will also reduce when you chew gums. There can be some pain if you chew for a while, but this should be bearable. Some hard work and a little pain should be okay for the result you want. As an added advantage, there is a reduction in the graving for junk food when you chew gums. This will help you lose weight, which can reduce your double chin naturally.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage to Reduce Your Double Chin

You can do the lymphatic drainage massage easily at home. It will relieve the tension in your jaw, lift and tone your muscles, improve your lymphatic drainage, and reduce the puffiness in your face. Your double chin will be less pronounced. The facial skin will also look better.

The massage improves blood circulation, reduces fluid reduction, and drains the toxins from your face. There are many lymph nodes in our jawlines. There is an increased blood flow when you do the massage. This will improve the oxygen supply. More nutrients will reach your skin, thereby improving collagen production

This is how you should do the exercise –

  • Tilt your head upwards. Start at the center of the base of your neck. Apply the cream in upwards, quick strokes. Move towards the center of your chin.
  • Now, move towards the right of your neck. Work towards your jaw.
  • Now, place the knuckle of your index finger below your jawline. Your middle finger knuckle on top of your jawline. The two fingers should form a V. Try to pinch the skin between your knuckles.
  • Apply upward pressure from the base of your chin towards your ear loves. After this, run down to the base of your neck.

Repeat this five times for each side. You don’t have to do the massage daily. Three times a week should be enough.


A plastic surgeon may carry out neck lift surgery, neck liposuction. The professional can also combine both these procedures for double chin reduction. The surgery aims to remove the excess fat and also tighten your neck skin. This gives you a more defined and firmer neck and chin area.

  • Chin liposuction – It removes the extra fat from below your chin
  • Submentoplasty – Smaller incisions are made below your chin. Chin liposuction is also carried out. Together, they tighten the muscles.
  • Neck lift – Called the lower rhytidectomy, here, the muscles of your skin will be tightened. This improves the appearance of your face.

These procedures can all reduce your double chin. But to qualify for them, your skin has to be elastic enough. It must have a saggy or loose appearance. How much will it cost by laserbodysculpting? The cost will depend on the surgeon’s time, instrument and medication fees, facility charges, and the fees for anesthesia. It can be anything between $1,200 and $12,700.

Plastic surgery and liposuction are two options for double chin removal. But there are other non-surgical solutions as well that are fast & easy. how If you are wondering how to get rid of a double chin without surgery, then you must also consider the many exercises.

Change your diet. Eat foods to lose weight because obesity is a common cause of double chin. Workout to shed those excess pounds.

Give that extra effort. It is always worth it. You will become healthier and look better.

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How to Get Rid of Double Chin
A plastic surgeon may carry out neck lift surgery, neck liposuction.
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