How to Find People in New York


We all experienced a situation when it’s needed to find someone or to know more about a person you have just met. We are glad to share some tips on how to do it in the best way. 

Finding people online is easy, or not?

In the era of social media and worldwide popular apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter it’s hard to even imagine how people used to live before. Today we have an opportunity to make friends miles away without even seeing each other in real life, we can easily find our classmates or neighbors, resume the connections with a cousin you have seen only in your childhood or make sure your college love is happy married and post pictures of kids twice a week.


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However, sometimes it’s not that simple as it seems. With lots of disturbing cases of a personal data breach that happened too often or due to other reasons, unfortunately, it could be almost impossible to find information about someone only with the help of social media.

Let’s imagine another situation. You met some interesting person on a dating website and your conversations are really special. You feel like you’re ready to move forward and meet this person in real life but is it a good idea? Internet is full of opportunities but it also hides lots of dangers. How well do you know this person? Are you sure that he or she doesn’t pretend to be someone they’re not?

Yeah, that’s tough.

That is why we prepared for you some useful tips on how to find people and true information about them in order to avoid some dangerous situations or to find someone you miss.

1. Google

As people say, Google knows everything. The easiest and most obvious way to find something or someone is to google. The more details you know, the better. type a name, location even job and you’ll get results including pictures with such keywords.

2. Facebook

If to ignore all the nuances and shortcomings, Facebook is a great tool to find people online as it is one of the most popular social network sites today and there’s a strong chance the person you are eager to find also has an account.


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All you need to do is to write a  full name of the person you’re looking for into the ‘Search’ field. Facebook also allows to search with the help of email address (if you have it) or, you can type of high school, college, or company that the person you’re looking for is affiliated with.

If you have some common friends with that person, then you can look through mutual friends and in such a way find him or her on Facebook.

3. Special service and databases


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Perhaps the easiest way that gives the most relevant information is to use an online service like There you’ll find publicly available information about yourself, friends, celebrities, family, neighbors or anyone else for free.

You just need to type a full name in a search field. Then the system will provide a list of people with the name you entered with phone numbers, relatives, address, social media profiles, neighbors and much more. By the way, searches are 100% confidential.

4. Instagram location

This way is tough but still may work. In the Instagram app, you may search by location, like ‘New York’ and see all the latest posts published with this location mark.

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How to Find People in New York
We all experienced a situation when it's needed to find someone or to know more about a person you have just met. We are glad to share some tips on how to do it in the best way.

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