How To Ensure Safe Bathing For The Elderly And Disabled


Aging parents need to have safe bathing solutions to ensure that they don’t face difficulties or sustain injuries when accessing bathrooms.  There are different ways you can make a bathroom to be safe for seniors and people experiencing mobility problems. Safe bathing solutions are being considered for all ages because anybody can experience mobility problems.

You don’t have to be turning 70 to have difficulties accessing a bathtub. You could be in your 30s and you injure yourself in a game or you could just have had a hip replacement surgery and you cannot get in and out of a bathtub independently. Safe bathing solutions come in different forms and they are designed to fit different situations.

Tub Transfer Bench

Also known as sliding shower chair, tub transfer bench is a long chair that has height adjustable legs. The chair is placed over the wall of the tub to help an individual with low mobility to get in and out of a bathe comfortably and safely.  A tub bench can have an armrest and back rest for enhanced stability and comfort.

Most of these tub benches are designed with rust resistant materials and draining holes to allow easy maintenance. Some tub benches may come with suction feet that helps securely hold it to the floor of the tub thus increasing the safety of the user.

Walk-in Tubs

Traditional bathtubs present dangers to elderly people, physically handicapped persons, and those who have painful ailments or have undergone abdominal surgery like hip replacement surgery. Walk in tubs are designed to help these people have a safe, comfortable, and more convenient bathing experience.

The walk in bathtubs feature a U or V shaped door that opens to allow a person easily walk in to the tub rather than stepping over or raising legs to get in and out. To make sure the doors are watertight, they are specially sealed to prevent water from leaking.

Shower Sprays

Many people have shower sprays in their homes, however, these are not designed to meet the needs of people with mobility problems for example, those who have hip replacement surgery, an injury, or elderly persons with mobility problems. Although the functioning of the shower sprays is like that of common shower sprays, the structure is different. They are meant for people who are adapting to challenges of reduced hand grip and strength or injuries. The shower sprays allow individuals to bathe without moving around too much or having difficulty gripping.

Bath lifters and Toilet Seat Raisers

Bath lifters are mobility aids that help to lower a person into and lift them out of a bath while also allowing comfort and a safe seated position when bathing. Using a button you can lower yourself into and rise from a bath tub. These bath lifters give you the confidence and extra independence you need when bathing. You can have a bath lift that has wings and backrest, one that has a seat, and one that has a chair like design.

On the flip side, toilet seat raisers offer an individual an easy time when using the toilet. These seat raisers increase the commode height meaning a person won’t bend down or be in a seated position that is uncomfortable while they use the toilet. Toilet seat raisers are designed with or without armrests.

Using these safe bathing solutions helps seniors, people with disability, and those with injuries to safely, comfortably, and conveniently use the bathrooms.
Most of these items may be covered by a loved one’s insurance provided by the government like the NDIS in Australia. Ask your specialist coordination provider to make sure they fall under the valid expenses of these schemes and to connect you to a wide range of professional installers/service companies.

They also allow independence and privacy that many people need when using bathrooms.

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