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Netflix was a simple subscription-based video service which became the largest video platform for a home television audience. Since it’s available in almost every country of the world, it’s almost impossible to meet a person who doesn’t know what Netflix is. The video service provides an impressive selection of movies and TV shows even for the most demanding movie fans.

It was impossible to watch movies and TV shows online a few decades ago – people had to hurry in order not to miss a single episode of their favorite show on TV. With the development of technologies, people became able to watch high-quality movies and TV shows online at any time of the day and night just having Internet access. Nevertheless, the content the service offers depends mainly on your location as the company has contracts with diverse content providers and countries. Thus, the movie available to you varies depending on the region you live in. If you don’t live in the United States, you will have to search for the way to watch series available for Americans only; in this regard, you may use and access any content you’re willing to.

Selecting The Service
Netflix catalogs differ in different regions for one reason: copyright. Movie studios differ from country to country, so one series may be shown in one country and may not be available for watching in another. Some countries obtain rights to specific shows and, therefore restrict access to users from other regions. Since the most popular material is produced in the United States, it’s not surprising most videos are available there.

The first reason why people currently visit Netflix via VPN is that they can’t access the website due to geo restrictions. Moreover, traveling is another reason for people to use VPN; it’s especially useful for bloggers who are willing to share the information being outside their country. There are more difficult circumstances: it’s forbidden to access this website in some countries. Needless to say, if you want to use the Netflix platform in China, you need a trustworthy service.

There are multiple the most interesting movies and series on the platform, but you can only watch them from a few countries. VPNs help in lots of cases, however not every one of them lets you access blocked content. Some VPNs offer certain server locations intended for viewing Netflix. Here are the services which will help you access any content whenever you are:

●      ExpressVPN. It offers the highest connection speed and file sharing, ensures security, as well as ensures user privacy. It even works in countries with strict control policies, for example, in China. All applications are connected automatically.

●      Ivacy. One of the top providers most users give preference to. Fast speed, a wide choice of servers and locations, convenient applications. Ivacy offers a Secure DNS that allows you sending requests through the Ivacy DNS server to prevent DNS leaks.

●      Nord VPN is one of the most widespread services letting you remain anonymous and safeguard yourself online. The most powerful encryption algorithms, Double VPN, VPN + TOR and other technologies for complete privacy. Lots of servers you can connect to for playing games, sharing files and watching videos. Convenient applications, a wide range of additional features.

All the above-mentioned VPNs are not too expensive, while the number of movies and TV shows you can watch will increase significantly.

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