How To Develop An Excellent Content Strategy


When you think about creating new content for your website, what’s content strategy development do you admire? It’s time you stop guessing at what your customers want and start planning content that answers their questions. 

This means developing a content strategy that is comprehensive enough to help you walk through all the steps involved with creating one, here’s an outline of what you need:

Create Your Playbook

Whenever we start working with a new client at, Toronto online marketing company the first things we do is create a marketing playbook for them, strategic brief, buyer’s journey map, complete with a target persona breakdown, and more. To create an effective content strategy, you need to have an in-depth understanding of who you’re trying to reach, including your prospects’ beliefs, behaviors, and many more. We want clients to know who their audience is and what they need, so they can better tailor their marketing messages.

Conduct Interviews

On the off chance that you’re looking for insights on your customers and prospects, there’s so much to learn through real-life interviews. If you don’t hear from these people on a regular basis, you may need to talk to the people who do so. You can learn more about the questions they’re asking every day. This means scheduling interviews with the individuals who often talk to prospects the most, such as your sales team, customer service reps, and others. As the people who spend the most time talking to prospects and customers, find out what questions they regularly face. If you can find out their greatest hurdles, you can create your content strategy development with the hope of solving these problems.

Prioritize Topics from List of Common Problems

If you’re done interviewing the individuals who interact most with your customers and prospects, the next step is to start prioritizing the list of problems you’ve compiled during the interviews which should contain dozens of questions, and hurdles that can be addressed by content. From cost to productivity improvements, and performance to maintenance agreements, understand the pressing issues your customers are having and prioritize content that would prove to be the most useful.

Choose the Content Type

Now that you know what challenges are and where they fit in the buyer’s journey, the next thing to do is to decide which content type would be the most useful. For those looking for more basic information in the Awareness stage, a tip sheet or video can help convey the message with ease, for instance.

In the Consideration stage, a carefully created whitepaper is often more suitable while offers and discounts prove to be the most useful content strategy development for convincing customers in the Decision stage.

Schedule It and Support With Social And Email

Once you know what to talk about and how to talk about it, the last thing to do is get everything scheduled on your calendar, including the corresponding social media and email nurturing you’ll use to support your content. Determine what you will be posting on any given day and what platforms, and what supporting content will be used along with it.

At Onecoremedia, we’re the leaders when it comes to content strategy development and online marketing. We’re here in Toronto serving happy clients. You too can be happy! Visit our website now!

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