How To Decorate Your Home: From Sofas and Loveseats to Wallpaper         


What is the difference between a house and a home? A house is merely a building you live in. A home is a place you make your own. There are many ways you can turn the house or apartment you’re living in into your home. Here are a few tips on how to decorate your home ranging from sofa to the swirling prints on the wallpaper.


Take It a Room at a Time

Don’t try to decorate your new home or update the current décor for the whole house at the same time. Do it a room at a time, just as you would paint a single room at a time as a do-it-yourselfer. Do plan what you’re going to do with each room at least in terms of theme and purpose. For example, decide which rooms will be bedrooms and public spaces before you start decorating them or buying furniture. This has the side benefit of ensuring you don’t run out of money with both the kitchen and bathroom a mess.

Start with the Furniture

The purpose of a room is defined by the furniture, barring infrastructure like toilets and sinks defining a bathroom. For example, the bedroom contains beds, while the sitting room by definition will contain couches and chairs. Don’t limit yourself by buying vases, artwork and decorating items before you have couches, end tables and other essentials. For example, you don’t want to buy a rug before you’ve tried a modular sofa. And you’re going to want a rug larger than you couch. 

Function and Comfort Are More Important than Style

Don’t make the mistake of buying a luxury sofa that’s uncomfortable to sit on or difficult to clean. Don’t buy a modern dining room set if the chairs are too small for you. And comfortable chairs don’t matter if they’re not stable, while a table is useless if it is too small for you to sit at. Choose furniture that serves its function well and is comfortable for you to use. If you really like it, you can ask for it in another color or arrange for its color to be changed, whether it needs to be repainted or reupholstered.

Choose the Right Color Palette

It can be easier to identify mistakes in color palettes than know what the right one would be, as anyone who sees an unusable all white living room can attest. White is acceptable in the bathroom if the surfaces are easily cleaned, though it is fine to have cream or blue tiles. Choose calming colors for your bedroom, though it doesn’t have to be dark and drab. However, you should use light, warm colors in the kitchen.

Heavily trafficked areas should have easy to clean flooring that won’t make stains stand out. That’s why beige or brown carpets are fine. If you have pets that shed, then you’ll want upholstery in a color that won’t make every hair stand out, too. Don’t forget to have a stain-resistant color palette in hallways and entryways, since they are heavily trafficked. If you have young children, you can compromise by having brightly colored throw rugs you can pick up and throw in the wash when they’re stained.

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How To Decorate Your Home: From Sofas and Loveseats to Wallpaper         
Heavily trafficked areas should have easy to clean flooring that won’t make stains stand out.
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