How To Decorate A Bedroom In A Studio Apartment


Learning how to decorate a bedroom when you live in a studio apartment can get tricky. Not only do you need to figure out a way to maximize space, but it’s also important things stay comfortable and cozy so you can get a good night’s sleep.

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Whether you’re working out how to choose the right mattress size for a tiny space, or you’re simply brainstorming ways to open up your space and keep things looking as airy and calming as possible, we’ve gathered the best tricks for decorating small spaces:

Find The Best Mattress Size For Your Space

All great bedrooms begin with your bed, and your studio apartment’s bedroom is no different. Learning how to decorate a bedroom within a studio apartment boils down to having a deep understanding of differing dimensions and how they work together.

Finding the best mattress for your studio apartment is, therefore, going to be contingent on you finding the right size for your space. Most interior decorators agree that the best mattress size for any room will allow for at least 30 inches around each side of your bed. If you’re living in a studio space that’s less than 700 square feet, the best mattress for your space is most likely going to remain a full or twin.

The best mattresses don’t just provide comfort regardless of their size, they’re also reliant on airflow to keep cool and stay cozy throughout the night. If you’re feeling unsure about what kind of bed you want, keep in mind most of the best mattress companies allow you to trial their products before committing to your purchase, so don’t hesitate to experiment a little so that you’re able to find what works for you.

Use Physical Partitions To Divide Your Room

Figuring out how to decorate a bedroom that remains distinct from the rest of your studio apartment without taking up space is one of the toughest things to pull off in an interior design project.

Even if you’ve found yourself the best mattress you can for sleep, if your brain begins to associate your bed with a place that isn’t solely for rest, you’ll find it difficult to get the rest you require. To make sure there’s a firm difference between your ‘bedroom’ and the rest of your apartment, try investing in a physical room divider that can act as a false wall between various spaces.

Compartmentalizing your rooms in this way will allow you to associate your bed solely with sleep, ultimately enabling you to rest better than you have before.

Chose Monochrome Bedroom Decor

If you’re still figuring out how to decorate a bedroom in a smaller space, one nifty trick that can come handy is to simply use one color or a set scheme within which you’re going to purchase all your bedroom decor.

Not only is this a creative way to make quicker decisions when it comes to finding the right bedroom decor, but it will also avoid you from making the mistake of making things busy quickly. It’s easy to make the mistake of overcrowding your studio apartment with furniture and pieces of decor that resonate with you, and while your apartment should be a place full of things you love, part of knowing how to decorate a bedroom well is to understand sometimes, less is more.

Choosing a monochrome scheme for your bedroom decor will open up your space and keep things looking as clean and efficient as possible.

Install Smart Storage Solutions

A good rule of thumb for any studio apartment you plan to move into should include the installation of intelligent storage solutions to make things look and feel a whole lot better. Finding storage solutions that double as pieces of decor and finding ways to optimize your space is going to allow your apartment to remain open and airy.

There are a couple of different ways you might be able to achieve this. Invest in a bed frame with adjustable leg height to make use of your under bed area for some extra, hidden storage. You can utilize this space to keep off-season clothing, shoes, or miscellaneous storage you might need to keep away.

Other intelligent storage solutions you might be able to utilize for your studio apartment include decorative baskets or units with multiple drawers that can seamlessly integrate into your space without creating more clutter.

When it comes to understanding how to decorate a bedroom in a studio apartment, getting the basics right is half the hurdle. Once you’ve got the best mattress for your space, and pick out storage solutions that fit seamlessly into your apartment, then choosing more creative elements like decor and color is fairly simple.

Learning how to decorate a bedroom in a smaller space requires a different approach than picking out bedroom decor for something larger. With the right amount of planning and time, achieving a great apartment is totally possible. You’ll be living large with the smallest space possible in no time.

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How To Decorate A Bedroom In A Studio Apartment
Learning how to decorate a bedroom when you live in a studio apartment can get tricky.
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