How to Choose Your Individual Scent


Everyone wants to find that perfect signature scent – a smell that lets everyone in the room know you’ve arrived. But finding an individual scent isn’t as easy as it sounds. Sure, you can find bespoke fragrances (like the one here), but for many people, it’s a process of trial and error.


Here are some tips to help you find your perfect individual scent.

Determine Your Fragrance Family

One great way to find your signature scent is to explore fragrance families. Each family give off a certain message, which will help you create the vibe you want.

Fragrance families include:

  •         Citrus and fruit: Great for summer and everyday wear. These scents are fresh and uplifting.
  •         Spicy: Heavier and warmer. These scents are great for date nights and cold winter months.
  •         Woody: Earthy, woodsy scents that may incorporate citrus or other head notes.
  •         Floral: A broad category of scents that are ideal for anytime use. They include flower-based scents, like rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, gardenia and orange blossom.

Finding your fragrance family can help you quickly narrow down your perfume choices to ones that complement your style. Once you’ve found a family you like, you can start testing two to three scents at a time.

Test Fragrances Before Buying

When searching for your individual scent, take advantage of the testers you find at the fragrance counter. Don’t make the mistake of just spritzing once and making a snap decision. Give the fragrance time to develop.

After spraying, walk around. Grab a coffee. Give yourself an hour or two to really decide whether that scent is right for you. Perfumes typically smell very different after a few hours of wear, so it’s important to make sure that you’ll love the scent from start to finish.

If you decide to buy your perfume online, look for a sample set. Sample sets are a great way to explore different scents from the comfort of home. It also gives you the opportunity to try out the perfume in different environments and really make sure that it’s a scent you adore.

When testing our perfumes, make sure that you apply it directly to your skin. The ingredients in perfume react with your body chemistry, so it may smell differently on you than someone else. While blotters are helpful, they don’t give you a true picture of how the perfume will smell on you.

Choose a Timeless Scent

Fragrance trends come and go. What’s popular today may not be popular a year from now. If you’re looking for a signature scent – something that you will wear for years to come – then choose a timeless perfume.

Don’t fall victim to trends. Many people are quick to run out and buy the perfume that a celebrity is wearing because it’s the popular thing to do. But remember that fragrances smell different on everyone because body chemistries are different.

When searching for a signature scent, forget about what other people are wearing. Think only about what you like and the message that each scent sends.

Choose a scent that you feel comfortable wearing and that boosts your confidence. Your perfume should match your style and create the impression that you want to make.

Consider the Vibe You Want to Give

Your perfume is one of the first things people will notice about you. Much like your appearance, your scent will give people a first impression. What kind of impression do you want to make? What do you want your perfume to say about you?

Do you want to stand out in the room? Are you looking to blend into the crowd? Maybe you want something a little more intimate?

Remember that scent is a way to communicate with others. Your fragrance will tell a story and send a message to other people. While it’s important to love your perfume, it’s just as important to make sure that you’re sending the right message to others.

Take Your Time

Finding the right individual scent takes time. It’s not a process that should be rushed, and the reward makes it worth the effort. Take the time to try out different scents until you find the “one.” You’ll know when you’ve found it.

Choosing a signature scent is a personal process. Enjoy it, and have fun exploring different fragrances.

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How to Choose Your Individual Scent
How to choose your individual scent. Find out what to look for when creating your signature scent.
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