How to Choose the Best Online Casinos in Canada?


Gambling in Canada is legal across the ten provinces. However, the various types of gambling services offered vary from one region to another. Casino gambling is the most popular form of gambling across the country. There are over 100 brick and mortar casinos except in the following provinces; Newfoundland, Labrador, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. 

Online gambling is the future of gaming. However, the situation of online casinos is a bit tricky in Canada than in other countries. Land-based casinos on Canada are not issued with a permit to operate online casinos.

According to the Criminal Code of law, for instance, having a gambling website is illegal. However, each province has the right to choose which types of games can be operated via the internet. Effectively, this means that there is a wide array of markets for gamblers to choose.

So, you have gambling legalized in some provinces like British Columbia. In fact, you even have some great casinos to try out if you are living in cities like Vancouver. That being said, if you are living far away from a land-based casino, why not try out an online one? It’s as fun and exciting, for sure.

The Top Tips to Help You Find the Best Casinos in Canada

If you are looking at trying your luck in online gambling, then here are some tips to help determine the best online casinos in Canada.

1. Check the licensing

Online casinos in Canada have to be licensed by the province. It is easy to find details online. Before you deposit your money, it is crucial that you check if the proper authority has regulated the casino. In Canada, there are only a few jurisdictions which offer online casinos licenses. They include; Alderney, Antigua, Panama, Netherlands Antilles, Kahnawake, UL,  Vanuatu, Costa Rica, Isle of Man, Malta, and Gibraltar.

2. The payouts.

An excellent online casino which is considered reputable should have regular payouts that are checked by an independent authority. One of the most famous independent regulatory authorities in Canada is eCOGRA. This is to ensure that the payouts for the games that the punters have won are fair. For instance, an excellent online casino will have a payout rate of 95%-97%.

3. The quality of the software. 

A lot of the online casinos’ software are developed by software. It is vital to ensure that the software is of high quality. You will identify the quality of the software through the top graphics and the fairness of the online casino. For instance, in Canada, online casinos which are powered by Playtech and Microgaming. They offer some of the best software making your bets safe and secure.

4. User experience.

Online casinos do not allow for players to give feedback. However, there are many reputable review sites where players can leave their feedback. If an online casino has negative feedback in terms of payouts and similar complaints, then those are red flags.

Just follow these tips, and you will find an online casino you can trust.

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