Holiday Guide: How to Celebrate Chinese New Year 2018?


Let’s fight with ignorance together! Learn how to celebrate Chinese New Year properly with

What is Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year is also called the Lunar New Year as the day of its celebration falls on the new moon between January 21 and February 20.

Moreover, it is considered the most important and longest holiday in China and other countries of East Asia since ancient times.

In modern China, it is also known as the Spring Festival. This year it’s celebrated on 16th of February.



The Chinese New Year is eagerly awaited not only in Asian countries. The whole world froze in anticipation of the new animal signs of the year, but few know the origin of this holiday.

As tales and legends tell us, this holiday is connected to the bloody beast, Nian, who devoured peasants and their children.

Once, the old man decided to kick out Nian with the help of fireworks and red paper and it worked! Turned out, the beast is afraid of loud noises and bright red color.

From now on, people wear red clothes and light firecrackers to keep Nian out of the country.


Main traditions

Chinese are beginning to prepare for the celebration of the New Year with the cleaning of the home. They throw away all the rubbish and unnecessary things they collected over the year.

Together with garbage, they throw out the old negative and stagnant energy, giving way to a new and living one.

Also, people decorate their house with traditional red color stripes and different things of its color. Chinese don’t have a Christmas tree – they replace it with oranges and tangerines, placed in a circle. Both fruits should be exactly 8 pieces each, no less and no more.


The holiday is celebrated for 15 days, and each day is famous for its traditions. The first day of the Chinese New Year begins with a festive dinner, loud fireworks and noisy parties.

The second day begins with the prayer: the family begs for health and happiness to all their loved ones.

The next two days, Chinese try to respect all their friends and relatives and congratulate them on the New Year.

The fifth and sixth are devoted to wealth and business. Usually, people launch fireworks during these days.


The seventh day of the holiday is begun with the prayer to God as it’s believed that on this day a man was created. The special Cantonese-style salad with raw fish called “Yusheng” is served.

The eighth, the ninth, the tenth: all Chinese people are already returning to work, and in the evenings they arrange small family festive dinners with prayer, then go to the temple to light candles.


The eleventh day is the day of the son-in-law when the father-in-law throws the party for the husband of his daughter.

The next three days are mostly busy preparing for the main holiday – a holiday of street lamps. Everyone buys jewelry, lanterns, all the necessary accessories and so on.

The fifteenth day is the last day. People usually arrange concerts, theater performances. They walk with their families and lighted lanterns around the square.



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Holiday Guide - How to Celebrate Chinese New Year
Holiday Guide - How to Celebrate Chinese New Year
Let’s fight with ignorance together! Learn how to celebrate Chinese New Year properly with Nexter.
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