How to Build Your Online Brand That Can Beat the Competition


Online business is growing every day. Many people decide to invest in opening their own online eCommerce stores and build them from the ground up. There are a lot of established businesses that started from a small online eCommerce store and now have a huge income.


Living the dream of working from home, as well as the huge potential of the market encourages people to start with their own online business. However, since almost everyone tries to make their own online stores, the competition is getting tougher and it seems impossible to crack the ice and breakthrough.
Let’s clear one thing from the start, building an online brand is not easy. You will have to make a business plan from the start just because the first impression is where this you can make or break your online store.
In this article, we will go through some of the key steps for building your online brand.

1. Establish your style
Your online eCommerce store is not just a method for selling your products, but it also represents the style of your brand. Authenticity is one of the most appreciable things by buyers, which is why your store should be more than just trendy.
You have to understand that customers value hard work and they are looking for a brand that they can trust. Your style can be different depending on your product niche and audience. You should know that you are not just selling your products, you are also selling a story and style through your brand. Make sure you build the best shopping experience for customers and give them something to remember you by such as color, a specific font, a specific style of photos and etc.

2. Build a relationship with customers
This is probably the most important thing when building your eCommerce brand. Nowadays people see thousands of online stores and they have trouble choosing the right one. You can convince them that your brand is something that they can rely on by building authentic relationships with them.
You have to interact with your customers on every level in order to learn what they want. That is why you should create your own blog content for promotion and interaction, participate in online forums, create surveys, provide gifts for loyal customers, and ask them questions.
A good way of earning their trust is by speaking their language, and this could be done by the plugin. By building a steady relationship with your customers you will remove that barrier that stops them from buying and earn their trust.

3. Product quality
No matter how good your brand looks, if you are selling low-quality items that do not satisfy customer needs, you cannot build your brand. You have to know what you are selling and the quality of your products. Imagine this as if you are a NFL team that doesn’t have good results on the pitch: if your team performs well, you will rank higher in the NFL odds, the supporters will grow and so will your revenue.
You must research your niche products and learn all about them before you start your online store. If people are receiving different quality products that you advertise, they will never return to your store and you will have to face more returns. Always require a sample from your manufacturer just to be sure of the quality of the products you sell.

4. Share your story
As we mentioned earlier, in this business authenticity is a key element for success. That is why it is important to tell people your story and what you want to achieve. This will ensure that you have a stable connection with your customers. Be transparent and show them all the facts such as location, start date, the reason that you started your brand and etc.
It is very important to create a story that would be appealing to people who are interested in that kind of products.

5. Create video content
The best way to attract more customers and share your brand story is through videos. Nowadays videos are the best way to reach people just because over 100 million hours of videos are watched on Facebook every day. Video content advertisement will bring the most organic traffic to your website as well as you can share more information in them. You should always make your videos that suit your style so people would recognize your brand every time they see the videos.
These are a couple of steps to build your eCommerce store. There are a lot of different procedures to go through but the most important thing is to believe in it. You have to believe in your idea and keep building and implementing it, over time it will pay off.
Author: Mario Petkovski

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How to Build Your Online Brand That Can Beat the Competition
Online business is growing every day.

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