How to Better Your Chances of Getting into College


Getting into college has never been more difficult. With fierce competition and the fight for scholarships ever more present, it’s no wonder some people are looking at alternative ways to train.

That said, there are still masses of families who have been prepping for the day their child heads off to college since they were little.

Perhaps you’ve only ever had your eyes set on one college. Or maybe you have a few solid favorites up your sleeve. Whatever your situation is if you want to better your chances of getting in, here are some top tips:

Show them you can challenge yourself

Your grade point average (GPA) is probably the most important factor when it comes to getting into college. But there are some courses that look better than others. More challenging courses like AP (advanced placement) subjects will help grab the attention of all the right people.

Showing you’re up to the challenge and getting good grades in these classes will significantly bump up your chances of being accepted.

To see where you currently stand in terms of chances, you can use College Data acceptance calculator. Fill in your GPA and other data to see your chances of admission to 2,000 colleges across the United States.

Take the SAT / ACT test

Although some schools have made these tests voluntary, standardized test scores are an incredibly useful tool for heightening your chances.

In junior year, enroll in prep courses or take practice tests so that you’re fully prepared. By taking both tests, you boost your chances of getting a good grade. Plus, if neither grade comes out well, you always have the option to re-sit.

Apply early

If you’ve got your heart set on a certain college, it’s always best to send your application through as early as possible. Colleges typically accept more people in their early decisions rather than at the time of official application. Therefore, to better your chances of admission, aim to send your application in November. This process is known as ‘early decision’ in which you can only apply to one college. If you’re accepted to your early decision, there is a contractual binding that requires you to attend that college.

Refine your online presence

In the modern world, college admission officers can easily find applicants on social media to get a better feel for who they really are, rather than just going on their grades or essays. As such, it’s best to do a cull of your social media and refine your online presence. How do you want the world to see you? If it’s not through an album of embarrassing drunken photos, it might be time to remove some content.

Of course, there are other things that help you boost your chances, like letters of recommendation and nailing your college essays. As a whole, it’s all about being passionate and organized. Getting accepted into college is a feeling like no other for both students and families. So, make sure you’re ahead of the curb so you, too, can experience this incredible achievement.

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How to Better Your Chances of Getting into College
Of course, there are other things that help you boost your chances, like letters of recommendation and nailing your college essays.
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