How to Become a Quality Assurance Specialist


When it comes to the profession of a quality assurance specialist, people often get confused, and that’s pretty natural. First of all, this is an umbrella term that covers lots of different industries. Such a specialist may work for a company to test and inspect raw materials, products, parts, and many other things. All-in-all, this role is about getting sure that everything is up to standards and no defect reaches the end customer.

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Nowadays, however, a position of a quality assurance specialist is usually associated with the information technologies industry. That’s how the evolution of careers works. That is why this article is going to focus on how you can become a quality assurance specialist that works with software.


Now, this is a large bulk of what makes a specialist, well, a specialist. When it comes to quality assurance, recruiters are looking for personal and technical skills – any resume writing service will ask you to provide this information. However, what are these skills?

Personal skills

Let’s begin with personal attributes that a quality assurance specialist should possess. These are also known as soft skills, and they actually matter more than one might think, so here’s the list:

  • Attention to details;
  • Analytical mindset;
  • Self-organizing;
  • Teamwork;

It is possible to write even more, but you get the point. When making a resume or using services of a company like a resume writing lab, be sure to provide a writer with a list of your soft skills and/or examples of how you apply them.

Technical skills

Also known as hard skills, these are imperative for anyone who wants to become a quality assurance specialist. First of all, you should understand what the software development life cycle is and how it works. Knowledge of the fundamentals of software testing is mandatory – it’s what you do, after all. Programming skills and the ability to use test automation tools are also imperative for the majority of recruiters.

The technical abilities part of your resume is of the highest importance. A great quality assurance specialist has to be tech-savvy, and recruiters are expecting this from every candidate. So, if you’re about to make a great resume through an online resume service, be sure to inform a writer about all the technical skills you possess.


There’s some debate about whether one needs a certificate to be employed as a quality assurance specialist in the information technology industry. The usual conclusion is quite obvious – if you want to become a better professional, acquire certificate. This way, you will be able to improve your skills and have a factual confirmation of your capabilities!

From this perspective, there’s literary no reason not to attend some courses and get a certificate. It will also look pretty neat on your resume. If you want to land an interview but don’t feel confident, consider hiring resume writing lab, and they will make sure that your certificates will be presented in the best light.

Final thoughts

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Becoming a quality assurance specialist is a pretty complicated path. You need formal education that confirms that you are tech-savvy and able to handle yourself confidently with the latest technologies. There’s also a need for soft skills such as communication, attention to details, and so on. Certification plays an important role as well because it serves as a confirmation of your skills and capabilities to fill the position of a quality assurance specialist.

Despite all these factors, landing this position opens numerous growth paths for people who are determined to constantly evolve as professionals. That’s why wanting to become a quality assurance specialist is a great career path for anyone who chooses it.

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How to Become a Quality Assurance Specialist
Becoming a quality assurance specialist is a pretty complicated path.
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