How Quizzes Can Help Generate Social Media Engagement


Social media has opened possibilities towards organic engagement between brands and their audiences. It has allowed marketers to communicate with their audience directly and in return, receive feedback to drive brand growth. However, despite the multitude of available platforms to channel this initiative, competition is fierce, and the only way to stand out is to implement more creative ways to catch the attention of consumers. 



Quizzes are made with an online quiz maker and are used by various brands and sites to keep users engaged. You may have seen them on websites like Buzzfeed, which houses thousands of addicting quizzes. They may seem fun and trendy on the outside, but they are wonderful resources for consumer research and lead generation.

But a way to make this more personalized to your brand is to host quizzes on social media sites. Here is how.

Pick a Social Media Platform

There are plenty of social media sites with millions of users, which means that you have a large pool to derive an audience. However, platforms with a proactive sharing function, such as Facebook and Twitter, are better optimized for posting online quizzes.

The reason for this is that you do not want the engagement to end with one user. Instead, you want to maintain a web of communication by taking advantage of likes, reacts, and shares. That way, your quiz can create more noise and become a part of conversations.

Studies have shown that tweets are 150% more likely to get retweeted when they contain images. As online quizzes rely on catchy photos and titles to grab the audience’s attention, you can benefit from its increased shareability.

You also want to take advantage of paid promotions with Facebook Ads, which can help boost your posts’ visibility. That will give your quiz a springboard towards potentially going viral if constructed well.

Take Advantage of Trends

For your quiz’s results to be relevant to your brand, you have to ensure that you are gathering the right information while capitalizing on trends.

For instance, if you own a skincare brand, you can formulate a quiz with the title “What Does Your Skincare Routine Say About You?” or “Which Disney Princess Are You Based on Your Skin Type?”

This approach takes advantage of the popularity of skincare among a younger demographic and gathers information such as their skin type and routine. Similarly, you will want to shift your approach based on your target market, brand, and the information you are trying to obtain. If your purpose is purely to create buzz without the need for market research, then you can formulate quizzes with titles such as “Your Skin Problems Based on Your Horoscope.”

Regardless of your approach, an online quiz maker is all you need to create a stable platform for engagement and to drive lead generation.

Be Consistent

Social media and digital marketing are relatively new concepts, so they continuously evolve. To adapt to quickly changing platforms, you will have to do a lot of trial and error until you find the perfect way to engage your target audience.

Be consistent with posting quizzes. Do not just post one and forget all about it. You want to show your audience that these are something they can look forward to when visiting your social media page. And when it goes viral, then it is all the more reason to take advantage of the hype.

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How Quizzes Can Help Generate Social Media Engagement
Social media has opened possibilities towards organic engagement between brands and their audiences.

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