How Much is Elon Musk’s Net Worth?


Elon Musk has become a household name for his well-known company, Tesla. Although he has been in the news recently for his various activities, his net worth remains high. This has led many to speculate about how much he is worth. Surprisingly, Musk has actually never taken a paycheck from Tesla. He is given a 56K minimum salary every year but refuses his paycheck. In fact, his company, Tesla, announced that they would not pay Musk for the next 10 years until the company reached a $100 billion market cap.



Rise to Fame
Elon Musk certainly didn’t have an easy rise to his current status. In fact, his first job was working in logging before moving to a call center. Known as a workaholic, Elon had an entrepreneurial spirit from an early age. His strong work ethic allowed him to be promoted in certain jobs such as a call center where a top executive noticed him. He also financed his way through undergraduate by turning his rented house into a speakeasy on weekends.
However, it was not until he began tech-based startups that Elon began to see himself truly succeed financially. Due to a costly divorce, his financial stability took a blow. However, with the founding of Tesla, Musk’s fortunes turned around. When Tesla opened on the stock market back in 2010, the company did so well that he appeared on the Forbes’ richest list with a net worth of $2 billion at the time.

Net Worth Today and Investments
Many people want to know how much Elon Musk actually is worth, especially with recent changes with Tesla. Although this number varies slightly, Elon Musk’s net worth from stands at $23 billion today. This number comes from a variety of investments, especially property. It was in 2012 that Musk began his buying spree in the Bel-Air neighborhood. He began by purchasing an estate for $17 million. It contained a massive mansion complete with a home theater, two-story library, and gym.

Musk also invested strongly in his company. In 2018, he bought millions of dollars in shares from Tesla. He also invests in a variety of projects and companies such as SpaceX, which he is passionate about promoting.

No End in Sight
Although many people understand that Musk is a wealthy person, they don’t always understand how he got to be the man that he is today. One of the key factors is likely his work ethic. As most people do know, Musk is known for working far beyond the average employee, even more than almost any other person alive. In some interviews, he has noted times when he would work days at a time, not even leaving Tesla. He also has estimated that he spends around 120 hours a week, working.

When trying to understand how any person can be worth that much, it’s likely a combination of hard work, great technical knowledge and skills, and a good mind for investments. With all of these strong benefits for Musk, he continues to be moving forward with personal and professional projects. Most people eagerly await what the tech billionaire will produce in the future.

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How Much is Elon Musk's Net Worth?
Elon Musk has become a household name for his well-known company, Tesla. Although he has been in the news recently for his various activities, his net worth remains high.

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