How Learning Latin Can Help Catapult Your Career To The Next Level


Your career can influence the quality of your life in more ways than one. When you have a good and stable career, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can afford to live in the present and the coming weeks. This financial security allows you to raise your own family in a comfortable and safe environment. A career enables you to live a good life and experience a sense of direction.


But with the number of people seeking growth in their careers, taking yours to the next level can become a challenge. Earning a promotion from an international company, for example, is never easy given that several skilled and experienced employees are also vying for the position.

You’ll have better chances of taking your career to the next level when you exert time and effort to learn Latin. Contrary to popular belief, Latin is not a dead language as it actually impacts your career in the following ways:

1. Improves Your Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills are important in the workplace. Individuals who regularly practice and develop their cognitive skills can easily digest reading materials, draw inferences from patterns of events, analyze recurring problems, and evaluate several options.

Learning Latin is a great platform to improve your cognitive skills as well. Unlike the English language, Latin actually uses unique grammatical cases and numerous declensions. The structure of the Latin language will require your brain to work more, improving its flexibility and capacity in the long run.

According to studies, the brains of bilingual and multilingual individuals are more flexible than that of a monolingual person. Learning a complex language such as Latin also increases your brain’s adaptability, logic, and memory.

2. Allows You To Be More Methodical

Being systematic at work is essential to your productivity. When you know what tasks to do first and what comes after, it’ll be easier for you to accomplish several tasks and maximize time.

A methodical employee is someone who knows how to organize their day by coming up with a plan, prioritize more important tasks, and limit break times during the day.

Over time, learning Latin can actually teach you to be more methodical. This happens because your brain will have to follow a process in order to effectively translate a language. Reading materials in English will require your brain to work so you can translate the material in Latin, and vice versa.

The translation process your brain undergoes is like a mini-brain teaser—your logic will gradually improve, and your ability to follow a system becomes applicable to other facets of your life, like in your work.

3.         Helps You Master English

Regardless of your position at work, and the nature of the company you’re working with, communication skills are highly important. Employees need to communicate with all of their colleagues at work to ensure collaboration and quality output.

The structure of Latin allows you to better understand and use the English language. By learning Latin and using it as often as possible, your communication skills can improve in the long run. To drive the point home, here’s how the Latin language impacts your communication skills:

●      Since 60% of the English vocabulary is made up of Latin-derived words, and the grammatical rules in the English language are derived from Latin, learning Latin can be utilized as an avenue to master the English language. It’ll be easy for you to learn and properly use the rules of the English language if you’ve mastered the basics.

●      As mentioned, Latin follows stricter rules on grammar. Unlike the English language where you only have to think about using a plural noun with a plural subject, Latin is more complicated. This language actually has seven cases of pronouns, adjectives, and verbs. All of these elements should agree with each other in a sentence.

Learning all of the rules on the proper use of the Latin language can be very challenging, but this can be your ticket to being a wiser English speaker and writer.

●      Learning Latin will create a bigger impact if you’re working in the field of law or science. The Romans, who first used Latin, were prominent in these fields, so it’s no wonder why most legal and science terms are in Latin.

Regardless of whether you want to jumpstart a career in law or science, or change your field of expertise into these fields, Latin will be very beneficial.

An employee who communicates effectively is more productive and efficient. Good communication also improves team building, increases employee engagement, and reduces conflict in the workplace.

Commitment Counts

There are different ways on how you can learn Latin. You can ask help from Latin speakers, pay for classes, or learn on your own by immersing yourself in the language and reading countless materials in Latin.

But regardless of how you’re going to learn Latin, long-term commitment is key. Learning a new language isn’t easy, but with dedication and constant practice, this task is very doable.

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How Learning Latin Can Help Catapult Your Career To The Next Level
Your career can influence the quality of your life in more ways than one. When you have a good and stable career, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can afford to live in the present and the coming weeks.

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