How Kim, Jennifer and Serena Beat the Career vs Family Life Quandary


Working parents know this all too well: the struggle of juggling competing demands in the workplace and the home. It’s doubly hard for moms trying to supplement their income – it’s hard to be always there when you’re doing an 8-hour (or more) shift.

It’s easy for us to think that this affects normal people like me and you – but this is doubly the case for celebrity moms. It’s a struggle every single working mom will relate to regardless of financial status or perceived fame.
You’re never alone slugging it out in the corporate, business, or self-employment world – so the next time you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, know that these 3 celebrity moms’ stories show you that you don’t struggle alone.
These 3 celebrity moms how they try to keep a career-and-family life balance that shows that a mother’s work is never done – all the way to the professional sphere.

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner is a mother to three children: Violet, 10, Seraphina Rose, 7, and Samuel, 4.

According to Garner, parenting is all about time – after all, no amount of money can buy the herculean task of becoming a child’s parent.

Garner sees bedtime as an opportunity to do an obligatory “1-on-1” with each child anytime she can, even when it’s not always realistic to do so, given the demands of her work as an award-winning actress and entrepreneur.

Her recent (and very public) split from celeb dad Ben Affleck reminds her to work even harder to become a role model and leader, knowing that every action she does is being watched – whether positive or negative.

Given the fact that her children are growing, Garner asserts that she needs to be emotionally available as much as she can – and give everything that she can while doing so. Sound advice? We think so.

Kim Kardashian-West
Perhaps no other celebrity mom is as watched as Kim Kardashian-West – what with her ever-growing business empire and steadily-growing family…made even harder with all the eyeballs glued to her every move.

And parenting will only become harder as she welcomes her fourth child in the middle of pursuing her dream of  becoming a lawyer by 2022.

Imagine the stress of parenting four precocious children, running a business empire, filming TV, AND studying a law degree – how does she do it?

Kardashian-West makes time for her family and husband Kanye regardless of how busy she may seem with the demands of her lifestyle and her work.

She is busier than ever before – but never forgets to put her four children to sleep night after night. It’s all about being determined to carry out your parenting duties, according to Kim.

Kardashian-West credits it to being flexible enough to adjust and prioritize her goals wisely, even as she figures it out herself and taking it day by day. It’s not easy at all – but would you believe that she credits technology as one of the things that help her manage?

It’s nothing less than the norm for Kim – as one of the most visible celebrities rocking the latest trends and wearing the most opulent fashion money can buy, Kim settles for nothing less than the best. Even technology that helps her stay on top of her children, no matter how busy her schedule gets.

One of the things, according to Kardashian-West, is investing in a baby monitor. More specifically, the Miku baby monitor, which she recently featured in a post and credited as one of the most helpful baby monitors around.

There’s a slight chance that your wallet is a bit thinner than Kim’s though, but a monitor like the iBaby M7 is something most of us can afford. It was recently awarded as best baby monitor on All The Stuff, so you won’t lose out much in terms of quality.

Serena Williams
Serena Williams credits communication as one of the most important things, if not the most important thing, that a working mother should strive for.

Williams is mother to 2-year old Alexis Olympia Williams, which she famously carried while steamrolling her way to the 2017 Wimbledon finals.

According to Williams, feeling the guilt about not doing nearly enough as a parent is normal for working mothers. As we all know, Serena works hard, trains hard, and constantly works to be the best she can be as being one of the greatest athletes of all time – making her unable to be around her as much as she wants to be.

Guilt is a normal emotion to feel, but Serena gets overcomes it by always, always, always talking with her loved ones – her mother, her sisters, and her friends. They affirm her that her feeling is one all working mothers (and parents, for that matter) share.

While Serena finds the idea of being a full-time mother very enticing, she says that she can’t stop just yet – she believes she still has more championships and achievements (not to mention Grand Slams) to attain before doing so.

Serena’s advice to parents apart from constantly staying in communication with loved ones? She swears by letting her child explore and experience things on her own in order to cultivate her child’s sense of wildness, freedom, courage, and chutzpah – after all, she credits her parents with the same thing by having her do tennis. And the rest is history.

While she’s not too keen on unleashing young Olympia on the tennis court anytime soon, she wants her to explore and discover for herself what it is she wants to do, what she wants to become, and what she dreams of becoming – while having fun in doing so.

Another piece of advice Serena gives to working parents is to find a loving, encouraging, and understanding support system – after all, she’s not the only one going through the struggles of being a working parent.

Having the support of such a community helps her bond with other working moms who are similarly feeling the same emotions and asking the same questions about parenthood, and share their experiences and best practices on how to manage certain situations in their family life.

If you are a working mom, KNOW that everything you need to succeed is all within your hands – be it technology, an encouraging support system, constant communication, or spending quality time with your children. You’re not alone in your quest to provide for your children and raising them to be the best that they can. Like these three working mothers, you CAN do it.

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How Kim, Jennifer and Serena Beat the Career vs Family Life Quandary
Working parents know this all too well: the struggle of juggling competing demands in the workplace and the home.

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