How Does Pest Infestation Create a Significant Health Risk to Your Family?


You come home from work to see one of your worst nightmares playing out right in front of your home. Cockroaches in the kitchen, mice in the living room, bed bugs under your sheets. Can you leave it for a few days and come back to it later?



Living with pests in your house can be a great inconvenience. You have to worry about what they have gotten into; you might be too embarrassed to invite people over to your house, and the sight of these bugs running around your house can be repulsive. Pest infestations however, are more than just a slight inconvenience. If they are not taken care of, they can lead to significant health risks within the family. Would you be okay with someone in your family getting extremely sick due to an infestation in your house that could easily be controlled? The answer to that is probably not. You might respond and say, well how bad of a health risk can these pests be for me and my family? Unfortunately, the answer is quite dangerous and can quickly hurt members in your family. Here are some ways that pest infestations create significant health risks to both you and your family.

Allergic Reactions
Allergies are becoming more and more common in today’s world. Certain pests when they die, release proteins into the air that can trigger allergic reactions for individuals. They could be going about their day perfectly normal in the kitchen when all of a sudden, they go into anaphylactic shock. It might sound like an over the top issue, but unfortunately this is the reality of pests within a home. Not only can these bugs cause allergic reactions, but they can also create new ones. You can visit to see which pests are the most dangerous with your allergies. If you encounter these kinds of pest infestations, you can work to deal with them yourself before having to hire an exterminator. Products like cockroach sprays and bug sprays are effective tools you can use to eliminate some of these pests. Clean up any exposed food as well to decrease the chance of these pests coming back as you are to exterminate them yourself. Certain ticks as well, when they bite can permanently make you allergic to red meat. A tick infestation can create a scenario where you cannot enjoy having a delicious medium-rare steak off the barbecue anymore. These are some of the serious things that you have to consider when dealing with infestations, and it is always safe to err on the side of caution to protect you and your loved ones.

Bug and Animal Droppings
It is a standard bodily function that every human and insect has on this Earth. The problem now is that these droppings could be getting into your food and storage areas, turning them into a disease-ridden cesspool. Bugs like cockroaches can carry salmonella, which can give you food poisoning. Mice and rats are notorious for leaving plenty of droppings wherever they go, often leading you to not only have to throw everything out of the cabinets they have been in to be safe, but also have to go and rebuy everything that you had stored. Even the thought of eating something that could be covered in bug and animal droppings should turn your stomach to the point of wanting to solve all the issues. Make sure that your family is safe from the health risks and that you don’t have any infestations within your home.

Bugs and Animals are Carriers of Disease



Not only are their droppings dangerous and harmful to your health, but the animals and bugs itself that infest your home can be riddled with health problems just waiting to engulf you and your family. West-Nile virus has reached North America and a mosquito infestation in your house can not only be uncomfortable due to the number of bites you will be getting, but could also become fatal if someone in the house contracts a bad case of West-Nile virus. Rats are known to carry rabies and if bitten, you would need to go to the doctors or hospital to seek treatment for all the possible infections inside your body. The health risks are significant and should be avoided at all costs.

No one wants an infestation, but unfortunately these things can happen. The most important thing you can do when you realize there is an infestation in your house is to act quickly, as every minute counts when dealing with bugs and animals. Even if it does not seem like a big deal to you, just think of your family and the harm you are potentially exposing them From allergic reactions, to droppings, to the disease the animals carry themselves, there are so many health risks that come from infestations. Prevention is of course the best method to deal with infestations, however, do not be afraid to seek help if an infestation does occur. Do you really want to take chances with the health of your loved ones?

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How Does Pest Infestation Create a Significant Health Risk to Your Family?
You come home from work to see one of your worst nightmares playing out right in front of your home.

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