How Does Coffee Affect You When You Feel Stressed


Coffee can reduce the amount of stress you feel. Or not. The reality is that stress comes in many forms, and studies have shown that coffee can affect stress in many different ways depending on what stress you’re feeling. For example, one study suggested coffee reduces stress by helping people show restraint, making it easier to let issues go. Coffee can also increase the likelihood of feeling depressed or fatigued, especially when consumed while feeling stressed.

Sensitivity to caffeine may make you feel more stressed

It’s been suggested that people sensitive to caffeine suggested, which is found in coffee, can often experience nausea, headaches, anxiety, and even drowsiness when consuming the beverage. This effect seems to increase under stress, possibly due to coffee’s ability to increase blood pressure and circulation compounded with the natural increases from stress. Therefore, we think it helps to assess how coffee affects you normally, as this can be amplified when you’re stressed out.

Coffee can help you to proactively deal with stress

Coffee is capable of increasing temporary alertness, information processing speed, mental acuity, and lowering aversion to risk-taking. Stress, unlike anxiety, is caused by a definitive stressor that is causing someone discomfort. Because coffee lowers inhibition, someone who drinks coffee while stressed out is more likely to take a proactive approach to remove a stressor or demanding the problem be fixed, which indirectly means coffee can lower stress.

Temperature matters

The type of coffee you drink or the way coffee is prepared for your enjoyment can also have an impact on how stressed you feel. One study focused on the correlation between stress and coffee consumption noted that people who drank cold or iced coffee had a different reaction in their sympathetic nervous system. Put simply, when their stressed subjects drank iced coffee, they were more likely to relax as a result. Therefore, the temperature of your coffee can affect whether you get more or less stressed out.

The verdict

When you’re feeling stressed, there is no simple answer about whether you should drink more or less coffee. The temperature of coffee can affect whether you feel better or worse after drinking it. Its temporary inhibition-lowering effects make it easier to deal with stressors and may lower naturally lower stress to some degree as well. But if you already react poorly to coffee, or drink a lot of hot coffee, drinking coffee while under duress can actually make your stress much worse.

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