How Does a Therapeutic Environment Affect Mental Health?


The importance and value of mental health has been on the rise over the passage of time, and rightfully so. It’s clear that at the core of any individual’s overall well being, is the state of their mental health. This is why extensive research has been done to look into the effects of the environment on mental health and how much of a role it plays. In this article we will go over how being exposed to a therapeutic environment can affect a person’s mental health and how important and effective it can be. There are two kinds of environmental factors that contribute to the state of a person’s well being- social and physical.

The physical environment is that which surrounds any given person and has factors that contribute to their mental well being, whether it be in a negative or positive light. These factors include:

  • Daily routine
  • Exposure to either negative or positive stimuli
  • The household environment
  • The school environment
  • Weather conditions
  • Workplace conditions

If someone is, for instance, lives in a household that fosters substance abuse such as drugs, alcohol and smoking, the child exposed to this runs the risk of becoming an addict themselves when they grow up. You’ll find that many people that turn to rehab centers for treatment do so because the physical environments provided by a drug abuse treatment program is tailored in such a way that makes sure the patients have a sense of security and are surrounded by positive reinforcement as well as calming surroundings. They make sure that there is hardly any noise and that there is plenty of nature and greenery, which promotes a sense of peace to the mental well being. This, is considered to be a therapeutic environment.

If the general attitude of any school or workplace is managed in such a way that gives people a sense of belonging and encourages them to be relaxed, then this can really make a world of difference in making sure that the people involved are mentally taken care of so that they are not constantly experiencing stress and having to deal with mental issues as a result.

The social environmental factors are those that are provided by the society  and people that surround a person, and whether they contribute in a positive or a negative way to their mental health. These can include:

  • Societal norms
  • Ethnic and racial issues
  • Relationships with both friends and family
  • Self care
  • Quality of life

In order to have a secure social environment, it’s important that you are surrounded by people that support you in all your decisions as well as your downfalls. It’s crucial that toxic people are not involved in your life as this will take a toll on you mentally in the short and long run. Being in a social environment that is not welcoming to any of your ethical, racial or lifestyle choices will result in a hostile surrounding which is likely to take a negative toll on you, creating stress and possibly creating mental issues that could develop into something very serious. This is why it’s crucial to have a positive social environment.


It is extremely important for us all to become aware of the environmental factors that affect our overall well being because it actually holds much more substance than we tend to give it credit for, Being around positive people in a setting that contribute to keeping us calm is essential is keeping a stabilized mental situation for you and your loved ones.

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How Does a Therapeutic Environment Affect Mental Health?
The importance and value of mental health has been on the rise over the passage of time, and rightfully so.

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