How Do Video Games Affect Our Brains? 


Video gaming is no doubt one of the best sources of entertainment to date. It’s seen that video gamers collectively spend more than 3 billion hours weekly on their gaming dashboard or screens, especially after the introduction of the best operating system for gaming.


Sounds crazy, isn’t it? 

Due to the immense use of video games, scientists have found their way to research more on their effects and possible consequences on the human brain. Many kinds of research and behaviors are evaluated; below are the most crucial ones. 

Let’s check them together. 

Stimulate Brain Muscles 

Like every body part, the human brain does require an active dose to keep its functionality optimal. Earlier, there were many ways to brainstorm the mind and keep it sharpened like a knife, along with enhancing thinking abilities. Here gaming serves the same purpose. While playing a game, one does not only pressurize their body muscles but also the mind. Whether shooting an enemy, providing cover to the teammate, or defending against the opponents, gamers need to think strategically.

Those actions stimulate the brain cells and create a neural pathway between the body parts. The more humans utilize them, the stronger they become. 

To support the fact, C. Shawn Green (Ph.D. in psychology) states that, “Unlike some other brain training tools, video games activate the reward centers, making the brain more receptive to change.”  

Enhance Visual as Well as Cognitive Capabilities

The given studies show that playing action (video) games enhances visual capabilities and memory storing cells, which can be good news for any online player. The games also allow players to quickly form a new plan, perform multiple tasks, and make several decisions to ace the game. 

Teach the Life Lesson! 

Video games inspire us to stay persistent in our actions despite failing again and again. One can try as many times as he/she can to win the game or a single level. This builds confidence and self-learning ability to learn from our mistakes while achieving any particular goal. 

Some Drawbacks of Video Games 

Playing games can indeed be a source of cognitive development with enhanced focus and decision-making abilities, yet it has negative effects. Other than that, the effect can be building an aggressive attitude and excessive game addiction. Also, spending many hours on screen can cause visual problems. The results showed that it changes not only brain functions but also its internal anatomy.

It’s Not All Doom and Gloom! 


Video games are a part of the latest inventions. And with their excessive use, a lot of neurological and psychological research has been done so far. Still, no studies are made to warn against it. In fact, gaming has proved to be an effective tool for upgrading our brains (aka cognitive systems). Few consequences might be there, but advantages are predominant over them.

After all, it depends on gamers how they react to it. If one is addicted to gaming and spends hours sitting before screens playing, they’ll catch the negatives only. In contrast to a person who schedules their playing time to make room for other stuff, personal and social activities.


Children or young gamers who spend hours gaming can adopt violent, introverted, or aggressive behavior. Which event can cause them not to socialize with family, friends, or colleagues. Therefore, It is recommended to keep in mind the “doom and gloom” situation to balance the gaming hours and maintain the equilibrium.

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How Do Video Games Affect Our Brains? 
Children or young gamers who spend hours gaming can adopt violent, introverted, or aggressive behavior.
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