How Celebrities Protect Their Personal Data Online


In today’s digital age, the event of a celebrity’s personal data being leaked is a constant threat. Learn how celebrities protect their personal data.


Cybercrimes accounted for $2 trillion dollars in losses so far in 2019. The Internet of Things (IoT) means our lives and the Internet are closely linked.

Keeping our personal data personal is harder and more important and than ever.

In today’s digital world, understanding personal security is crucial. Look at how many celebrities have had their personal and embarrassing information leaked.

Wondering how celebrities protect their personal data? Learn from the experts and keep your private life private.

An Ounce of Prevention
You’ve heard this a million times but it bears repeating: use strong passwords!

That means no birth dates, anniversary dates, or mother’s maiden name. In the digital age, we use accounts and passwords for everything. It’s hard keeping track of all the passwords.

But if your passwords are weak, you’ll get hacked!

Do you have trouble remembering your passwords? Use a password manager tool. A tool generates strong passwords, and you don’t need to remember them.

The Cloud
You’ve heard of the cloud. It’s the mythical place in the sky storing all our data. But it’s not mythical and it’s not in the sky!

The cloud is a network of servers that stores digital data. Google Drive and Yahoo Mail are two examples.

The cloud allows us to sync information across devices. You can save something on your computer and then use your smartphone to access the updated info. You can also use apps for syncing across the cloud.

Make sure you use a secure app when you’re syncing data on the cloud. This Zapier alternative for cloud syncing uses advanced authentication methods for security.

Opt-Out Wherever Possible 
This one takes some time and energy but it’s well worth it.

Remove your name from as many people-search websites as possible. Some common people-search sites are:

  • Spokeo
  • MyLife
  • Intelius
  • PeopleSmart
  • WhitePages
  • US Search
  • Radaris

Before you start, create a new email account. Don’t use this account for anything else.

Why? Because you’ll use it for account creation on people-search sites.

Go to a site such as Spokeo. Search for the opt-out directions on the site. Use them to remove your personal information.

Most celebrities pay a professional for this process but you can do it yourself. Opting out is always free.

Beware of Social Media
Be careful using social media. Beware of the types of personal information you post. Never post the year of your birthday or your mother’s maiden name.

Hackers use this type of information to get into your accounts. Never announce your vacation plans online. It lets real-world criminals know when you’re out of town.

How Celebrities Protect Their Personal Data Is How You Should Protect Yours
Knowing how celebrities protect their personal data is valuable information. It helps you protect yours too!

Always use strong passwords or use a password manager. Use secure apps when syncing data across the cloud.

Opt-out of people-search sites whenever possible and beware of social media.

Interested in more helpful tech news? There’s more in the tech news section of our site!

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How Celebrities Protect Their Personal Data Online
In today's digital age, the event of a celebrity's personal data being leaked is a constant threat. Learn how celebrities protect their personal data.

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