How can I Reduce my Contribution to Landfill Waste?


Did you know that all of the solid items you throw away, ultimately end up becoming landfill waste? Landfill waste has a huge economic and environmental effect, and can take thousands of years to decompose therefore the problem isn’t one that can be solved without our help. It can be really easy to get on with our day to day lives, throwing things away into the bin, and forgetting all about them.


After all, once whatever we’ve thrown away is out of our houses, that takes it out of our responsibility, right? Well, this is in fact wrong, as the more people who think like this, the bigger the landfill waste issue is likely to get. So how can we reduce our own contributions to landfill waste?

Donate and Repurpose

Say for example you sell your house and have a clear out, what do you do with the stuff that you no longer need and won’t be taking with you? Well for the vast majority of people, they’ll simply throw it out – but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Let’s start with clothes. Of course, if they’re old, tattered and have been worn a lot over a number of years, then chances are you aren’t going to be able to do much with them, and that’s understandable. However, if they’re in decent condition, why not either ask friends and relatives if they would like them try selling them on, or even donate them to the local charity shop. Clothes are one of the biggest contributors to landfill waste, and really all you have to think about in order to lessen this is the way in which you manage your waste. Remember the expression “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure”? Well, there might just be something in that.

The same applies for furniture, but rather than donating, why not try repurposing? The upcycling trend is HUGE right now, and therefore there is an abundance of information in magazines and on the internet about how you can begin to upcycle your old and tattered furniture. Not only is it a fun project to take on in which you can get your creative juices flowing, but it’s also massively beneficial to the environment. Every little helps!

Reduce Your Food Waste

You probably don’t even realise how much food you actually waste on a weekly basis, but if you added it up in terms of meals and financial worth, you’d probably be quite shocked. The amount of food waste that many households produce is a huge contributor to the landfill situation that is at hand right now, so try and think about ways that you can reduce your food waste.

Your freezer will be your saving grace when trying to reduce your food wastage. For example, if you have fresh produce in the fridge that is about to go out of date, but you don’t need to use it yet, consider freezing it until you need to. However, be sure to check that the food is suitable for freezing. If not, be mindful before you buy it in the first place – only get what you’re actually going to need.

The other thing to think about, is leftovers. It’s so easy to make too much food, especially if there aren’t many people in the household, and a lot of people simply throw their leftovers away – but there is absolutely no excuse for doing this! Why not keep it for lunch or dinner the next day by putting it in tupperware in the fridge, or freeze it and have it one night the following week? Simply by thinking a little bit more about what you do with your food instead of wasting it, you could not only help save the planet and lessen your contribution to landfill, but could save money on your weekly shopping too.

Refuse to Use Plastic Water Bottles

Finally, we’re going to talk about plastic water bottles. Whether you’re a fan of David Attenborough and his work, or if you simply read the news, you’ve probably heard about the ways in which plastic landfill waste is ruining our land, and furthermore our oceans. It’s one of the worst and most common contributors to landfill.

Therefore, say no to plastic water bottles. Instead of buying bottles of water in this way, invest in an environmentally friendly refillable bottle that you can refill and use every day yourself. If every household in the world did this, we could easily begin to combat the extreme effects plastic is having on not only our environment, but our beloved wildlife too.

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How can I Reduce my Contribution to Landfill Waste?
Did you know that all of the solid items you throw away, ultimately end up becoming landfill waste?

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