How Business Owners Can Adjust to Life During COVID-19


More than 30 million small businesses call the United States home. And for most entrepreneurs, 2020 will not be a year they forget anytime soon. Over the course of this year, business owners have been forced to adapt and change the way they operate in many unforeseeable ways. If your business has shut down temporarily, you can still find a way to start up and become profitable again. 

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Instead of dwelling on things you can’t change, try to figure out how to make the most out of this new reality. The longer you wait to embrace these changes and find a way to make them work for you, the more likely you lose customers and money to the competition. Here are some ways business owners must adjust to life during COVID-19.

Embrace Remote Workers
If your physical business location is shut down, you will need to find ways to keep your employees productive and engaged while working from home. Millions of American workers are adjusting to the reality of working from home, so if you have employees working remotely, help make this transition easier on them. The best way to do this is to invest in some innovative technologies that will support them and keep productivity high.

For example, consider using cloud-based project management tools and online faxing software to help your workers collaborate and stay connected, even while working apart. With the help of online tools such as eFax, you and your team members can send faxes online without the need for traditional fax machines. Offering this tool to your remote employees will help to keep them productive and efficient at home. Eliminating the use of traditional fax machines can also help you save money over time.

Invest in Online Marketing
If the COVID-19 crisis has taught business owners anything, it is that having an online presence is essential. In the past, some business owners felt they could still be successful with traditional forms of advertising, geared at driving traffic to their physical location. But during this pandemic, these business owners have learned that without an online presence, it is very difficult to sustain business operations and be profitable.

It’s important to invest time and money into marketing your services and products online, regardless of being in a pandemic or not. Having a website and a presence on popular social media platforms will allow you to get your message out to new consumers and keep current customers engaged. Consumers now expect to buy your products or schedule your services online, so offering these services is essential for survival in today’s markets. Work with a reputable web designer and marketing professional to help you design and work through the details in your online marketing strategy. Monitor your marketing campaigns regularly to ensure your business plan is working, and where changes need to be made.


Work on Keeping Your Customers Engaged
One of the biggest challenges business owners are facing during this pandemic is how to keep customers engaged and loyal. If customers are not reminded of your business on a regular basis, they may seek out the services or products of a competitor who is more active in the online marketplace. Even more traditional methods such as emailing a customer personally, or calling them to check in will go a long way in ensuring loyalty. The effort invested in this type of engagement will pay off in the long run.

It’s Time to Get to Work
As you can see, making adjustments to the way you do business is crucial if you want to make it through the COVID-19 crisis. Making a plan of action can help you stay on track as you implement these changes and adjust them as the situation dictates.

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How Business Owners Can Adjust to Life During COVID-19
More than 30 million small businesses call the United States home. And for most entrepreneurs, 2020 will not be a year they forget anytime soon.
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