‘House of Cards’ Season 6: Release Date + Everything We Know So Far About Kevin SpaceyLESS Final Season


Big changes are in the works for ‘House of Cards’ that airs on Netflix. Here’s everything Nexter.org knows so far about the show’s final season.

Release date

New episodes were originally expected to drop on Netflix in the spring of 2018, mirroring the release pattern of previous seasons.

Shooting resumed on season six in January 2018, nearly three months after the decision was taken to suspend production.

And now we finally know that the final season of the show will arrive on Netflix on November 2, 2018.

How did Season 5 end?

In case you do not remember what happened in the end of Season 5, Nexter.org recollects the events for you.

Under intense scrutiny from the Declaration of War Committee, and facing investigation for his involvement in the death of Zoe Barnes, Frank resigns from the presidency.

Source: Netflix

In his stead, Claire is sworn in and assumes the presidency – as Frank had planned all along. She leads an operation to track down Yusuf Al-Ahmadi, the elusive ICO terrorist plaguing the US.

Frank asks for a public pardon from Claire for both him and his aide Doug Stamper. She agrees to do so in her upcoming TV broadcast, but tells Frank that for their secret arrangement to work, he has to leave the White House and make it appear that they are estranged.

That night, Claire gives her first televised address as the new president, informing the nation that they have killed Ahmadi and that the US is going to war with terrorist group ICO.

However, she gives no mention of a pardon to Frank or Doug, despite having agreed to do so. Frank, who has been watching the broadcast, calls her to demand an explanation, but Claire rejects the call, stares towards the camera audience and coldly declares: “My turn.”

What to expect from the new season?

The first teaser for the final season was released during the 2018 Oscars, without any actual footage and just a long walk to the Oval Office and Claire saying: “We’re just getting started.”

And then to celebrate Independence Day, Netflix released another teaser without any new footage, just showing Claire on the Lincoln Memorial.

Now the new President is Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), who had usurped Frank and murdered her lover Tom Yates.

When speaking with Wright after her game-changing finale, the producer, director and star told The Hollywood Reporter, “I would personally like [Claire] to be the greatest president we’ve ever had.”

Why Kevin Spacey leaves the show?

Source: Netflix

As it was announced before, Kevin Spacey won’t appear in the final season due to the allegations he sexually assaulted Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp when he was just 14 years old.

In the days following those allegations, multiple current and former House of Cards employees accused Spacey of misconduct and UK police opened up an investigation against the star over separate allegations.

The shortest one


Even that’s not all changes came up for the House of Cards fans.

The final season of House of Cards will be the Netflix drama’s shortest in its six-year history. This means House of Cards season 6 has almost been slashed in half considering the previous five seasons have each boasted a total of 13 episodes.

New faces


Diane Lane, and Greg Kinnear will all appear in the final season of House of Cards, as Annette Shepherd and Bill Shepherd, a brother/sister duo by the Koch Brothers. Cody Fern is also joining the cast as Annette Shepard’s son. See the first stills of them below.


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'House of Cards' Season 6: Release Date + Everything We Know So Far About Kevin SpaceyLESS Final Season
'House of Cards' Season 6: Release Date + Everything We Know So Far About Kevin SpaceyLESS Final Season
Big changes are in the works for 'House of Cards' that airs on Netflix. Here's everything we know so far about the show's final season.

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