Hottest Weekly News: Amtrak Derailment, Melbourne Crash and iPhone Conspiracy Theory


Nexter offers to see what were the most discussing things during the week Dec.18-24 week. 

  • Best Christmas Gift: Baby Born from 24-year-old Frozen Embryo

Tina and Benjamin Gibson, a couple who thought they would never become parents naturally, received their best Christmas gift ever. Tina Gibson, 26, gave birth to her daughter, Emma, in November. But, as CNN reports, baby Emma is the result of an embryo frozen in October 1992 — only one year after her mother was born.

  • BREAKING: Amtrak Derailment, Nearly 6 Dead and More Than 100 Injured in US (Video)

The Amtrak Cascades 501 train derailed in DuPont on Monday, killing three people and injured more than 100 people.


  • Apple iPhone Battery Conspiracy Theory Is Officially Confirmed (Infographic)

Apple intends to slow down the previous iPhone models to increase iOS performance.

Nexter has previously talked about various iPhone conspiracy theories, and now the one has been confirmed.

  •  Melbourne “Deliberate” Crash: Car Hits Pedestrians on the Street (Updated) + (Video)

The car drove into a crowd in Melbourne, Australia. Two people are suspected and arrested.

  • Eternal Sorrow: Jonghyun Death and 5 More Celebrity Suicides in 2017

On December 18, the frontman of the popular K-pop band SHINee – Kim Jong-hyun – committed suicide. Unfortunately, this year was full of unexpected deaths.

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