Hot Rainbow News: LGBT Orchestra, Spousal Visa for British Lesbian + 2 More Things Not To Miss

1036 is read all around the world and it’s our duty to transmit all kind of news to our readers! This gathered all the news concerning LGBT community. 

Hong Kong granted the spousal visa for British lesbian

Hong Kong top court ruled that a British lesbian should be granted a spousal visa as she is a part of same-sex marriage that wants to move to the Chinese city.

“Although I cannot be with you in person today, that does not diminish the joy I feel, knowing that Hong Kong’s highest court has upheld my right, as a lesbian woman, to be treated equally by the Hong Kong government,” QT said.

“I won’t feel like a second citizen anymore and I can have the basic rights like anyone else, from as simple as having a library card to having healthcare,” she added.

LGBT Orchestra


Source: BGSO

Birmingham Gay Symphony Orchestra is the Midland’s LGBT orchestra that promotes musical talent directly from within the LGBT community.

“I have met some of my dearest and best friends through BGSO – people I would never have met any other way,” says Kat Galbraith, 45. “I really missed playing and particularly performing orchestra music with other people,” she recalls. “I got in touch and haven’t looked back.”

Although the orchestra is not exclusively for people who identify as LGBT, “Having somewhere to socialise away from the LGBT scene is very important to me: somewhere where I can meet like minded people, with a shared interest, without the worry of judgement and additional expectations or pressures.”

First trans woman crowned Miss Universe

A 25-year-old transgender woman Angela Ponce won Miss Universe Spain and become the first transgender woman to compete in the finals of the Miss Universe contest.

La vida está llena de retos, de desafíos, comprender eso en mi vida ha hecho que hoy haya cumplido un sueño que siempre tuve, para ello lo único que necesite fue convertir cada obstáculo que se me presentaba como una oportunidad de crecimiento. Desde mi tenacidad, con constancia, disciplina, respeto, amor a mi misma cierro con La Corona del Miss Universo España una etapa donde camine de la mano de mi familia y amigos recibiendo siempre su apoyo y amor incondicional, sin ellos nada de esto sería posible. @daniela_fundacion por permitirme crecer y ser mejor persona a su lado. Y a mis preparadores @juliomatamoros_hair y @jorgematamorosmakeup por confiar en mi y regalarme su tiempo, sus conocimientos y su ilusión. Hoy comienza un nuevo ciclo para mí, comprometida conmigo misma, con mi misión de vida, con España, voy rumbo al @missuniverse, con la conciencia y el compromiso de llevar adelante un mensaje de inclusión, respeto, tolerancia, amor por uno mismo, amor por los demás. De la mano de @orgbemiss y @guillermoescobaroficial, llevando a adelante nuestro slogam: “SOMOS MÁS DE LO QUE VES”, les doy las Gracias por acompañarme en este maravilloso viaje, por creer en mí, por darme la oportunidad de poner un granito de arena por una sociedad que merece cambios, dejar una huella sembrada en cada ser humano que la vida me ponga en mi camino. Gracias por cada mensaje lleno de amor que me han enviado…

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The 27-year-old beat 22 fellow contestants to claim the Miss Universe Spain crown in the Spanish city of Tarragona last Friday.

Her win grants Ponce a place to compete in the worldwide Miss Universe contest set to be held in Philippines in December 2018.

Read more about it here.

Scarlett Johansson criticised for taking on trans role

Re-teaming with the Ghost in the Shell director Rupert Sanders, Scarlett Johansson is set to star in a feature called Rub & Tug, about the true-life story of Jean Marie Gill, who was assigned female at birth but who assumed the identity of a man, Dante “Tex” Gill, and operated a massage parlor and prostitution business in Pittsburgh in the 1970s and ’80s.

When news of the project broke this week, many began to criticize Johansson, a cisgender woman, for choosing to play a transgender man, arguing that the role should have gone to a transgender actor.

Read more about other cisgender actors who have played transgender characters.


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Hot Rainbow News: LGBT Orchestra, Spousal Visa for British Lesbian + 2 More Things Not To Miss
Hot Rainbow News: LGBT Orchestra, Spousal Visa for British Lesbian + 2 More Things Not To Miss
Description is read all around the world and it’s our duty to transmit all kind of news to our readers! This time gathered all the news concerning LGBT community.

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