Hot News for Gamers: Game Awards 2017 and More


Electronic Arts receives a great deal of complaints and is close to failure with their upcoming Star Wars Battlefront 2. But, there is also a few good news that will definitely please you.   

1. Game Awards 2017



On December 7, Jeff Keely and his colleagues will host the annual The Game Awards ceremony, where we all finally find out which of the games released this year were the best ones.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait for a month to know the results. In the meantime, we became aware of the participants of The Game Awards 2017 – 102 games and individuals are nominated for this year’s awards.

You can vote for your favorite one here.

2. Star Wars Battlefront 2


Source: EA

Star Wars Battlefront 2 has received around 700,000 downvotes. The game’s loot box system was broken down before the release.

It turned out the whole process is pretty much confusing and troublesome. If a person donates over $100, Star Wars Battlefront 2 won’t unlock as much as you expect.

It even became a solid foundation for a bunch of memes and jokes:


The game has a multitude of negative feedbacks. For instance, some of the users couldn’t find the refund button and accused EA is removing it. However, the situation is different.

The refund button is displayed in the Origin order history section. In this case, if you purchase the game close to the release date, the money will be written off immediately and you will have to ask for a refund through the support service.

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen stated that feedbacks from the players have become really useful and helped to improve gaming process. Thus, if you have any problems with the game, just write to the Support Team.

Now they can constantly change games, responding to feedbacks, and design new items and locations, so the could feel the game in a new way.

3. TMNT are coming on Injustice 2

The next set of fighters for Injustice 2 will feature Ninja Turtles. Package Fighter Pack 3 includes Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo along with two superheroes from the DC comics universe – Atom and Enchantress.

The exact date of release of Fighter Pack 3 is not yet revealed, but Atom will appear in early access from December 12.

It is worth mentioning that Injustice 2 will be released for PC and will appear on Steam and Microsoft Store.

4. StarCraft 2 is now free on PC


Source: Blizzard

On November 14, you will get a full free access to the Wings of Liberty story campaign and all the commanders for the joint force, as well as ability to use the competitive multiplayer modes of StarCraft II.

Also, you will be able to participate in the rating games and fight with other players for the first place in the leaderboard using the units for the online game from Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm, and Legacy of the Void.

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