Hot News for Gamers: EA and Respawn Studio Partnership and More


Bethesda is taking about its legendary Skyrim and the VR version of the game. EA signs deal to become a partner with the developers of “Titanfall”. Ubisoft and Niantic release new games on Android and iOS.  

With Nexter you won’t miss the most interesting facts of the week.

1. EA to buy Respawn Entertainment developers


Source: Respawn Studio

Electronic Arts is paying $164 million for the long-term partnership, “We’ve seen firsthand the world-class caliber of Respawn as a development studio with incredible vision, deep talent and an inspiring creative mindset,” Andrew Wilson CEO of EA.

This fact shows that the creators of Respawn studio is truly talented, successful and have a great future in game development. Together with EA, they are to create a lot of new great games.

2. Pokemon Go creators are to release Harry Potter game



Niantic says the events will be set around the world of “Harry Potter“. Similar to Pokemon Go, it will be tied to objects in the real world. Players will be able to learn spells, fight with legendary monsters and unite with other players to defeat powerful enemies.

The developer has not yet scheduled the release date of the game. Joan Rowling’s website  “Pottermore” states that the players will be able to cast spells, find mysterious artifacts and build the career of a famous wizard.

3. Skyrim is coming in VR

Bethesda in commenting on Skyrim VR version and sharing their experience. They say there are a lot of things they didn’t notice in the base game, for instance, it’s even fantastic the different angle you can see your sword.

Watch the video below to know more:  

4. South Park releases “Phone Destroyer” on iOS and Android

Apart from “Fractured as a Whole”, Ubisoft releases 60-mission single-player story “Phone Destroyer” to please the fans of “South Park”.

Despite the name of the game, developers promise your phone will live through the story. However, iPhone users will probably face some battery issues. Moreover, it’s known that you won’t need to pay to finish the game: all the levels are free of charge.

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