Homeless Cat Sneaks into Zoo and Becomes Friends with a Lynx (Video)


And today’s Nexter‘s Unusual Animal Friendship Story is… this one!

A famous artist Double You sang “We All Need Love”. Indeed, most people would agree that we need to give love and we need to receive it… Not only humans feel this way. Animals are also living creatures that need to have a friend they can rely on.

A homeless cat snuck into the St. Petersburg’s Zoo in Russia. He was hungry and thirsty. Despite their size difference these two cuties, cat and lynx, found a common language. You can watch a VIDEO of the two very different felines cleaning one another at the end of this post.



The Kitty Was Homeless and Would Sneak Into the Lynx’s Home to Get Food and Water


Instead of of Rejecting The Poor Cat, the Lynx Embraced Her Visitor With Open Paws


Now They Share Eerything With Each Other


These Two Cuties Became Inseparable


The Zoo Did the Best Thing it Could for the Animals by Adopting the Sweet Cat so That the Lynx and Cat can Live Together Forever

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