Home Organization And Decor – Hot Celebrity Backed Trends That Are Grabbing Our Attention


The year 2019 continues to be the year of home organization. Following on from the trends such as the Kon Marie method, minimalism and the rise of cleanfluensters, celebrities and consumers alike are showing no sign of slowing down when it comes to home design or organization. In fact, the area has become a great source of pride for consumers, with trending hashtags on social media platforms, video channels dedicated to home organization hacks, and even book deals being released on the topic.

Consumers are truly taking pride in their homes and hopping on board for DIY projects to transform their homes into a deluxe escape. As more experts reveal the linked benefits of decluttering and organizing your home, celebrities are jumping behind the claims and raving about the wonders of some of the current home organization and design trends.


Pantry Organization Is The Pinnacle

The kitchen is king, and celebrities (and consumers) are quickly realizing this. From the likes of Khloe Kardashian to Busy Philips and lifestyle influenster Gwyneth Paltrow, an organized pantry is quickly becoming a mark of great home design. One thing that stands out in these pantries? Uniformity. Whether in the design of the storage containers or in the label fonts and placements, there are now color and design schemes for your pantry.

The organization bug has not just hit the pantry either. The quest is on for creating more space in the kitchen, and inclusions such as stackable spice racks and modular storage cabinets are set to be a prominent feature this year. In Tiffany Thiessen’s pantry, she has opted to organize items by frequency of use and utilize fashionable storage baskets to group similar items together. Again, a color scheme is present, and so is the use of the Lazy Susan, a handy rotating tray used to aid access. Elsewhere in the home, you can customize portable buildings for additional storage, at home office spaces or even add an additional bedroom. This trend is on the rise, with demand increasing continuously since 2017. With homeowners seeking more options for storage, shed sales were estimated at $800 million in 2018.

Packaging Minimalism Is In

With the green movement still very much relevant, consumers are opting to use reusable storage containers for their perishables, and getting rid of packaging. One glimpse at the aforementioned pantry, and you will notice that items are decanted into labeled glass reusable storage containers. Consumers and celebrities are even going as far as calling for the removal of plastic packaging in supermarkets and food stores, choosing to adapt to a bring your own bag/container approach. The sale of BPA free food storage containers has surged, thanks to the supporting words of recommendations from the likes of Molly Sims and the rising popularity of the Home Edit.

Organization Is Everywhere This Year -Your Refrigerator Included

Celebrities are known for making a style statement, even off the red carpet. More recently, they have been doing this with their refrigerator organization choice and their reasoning behind it. Broadcast veteran Oprah Winfrey gave fans a glimpse into her refrigerator, which showed chopped and prepped foods stored in pre-labeled transparent containers, while others such as Bella Hadid have shown off their very own refrigerator organization skills, going by frequency of use or use by dates.

Storage Cubes Are Now Essential In Any Home 

The year 2018 was all about how to declutter your life and your home. This year, celebrities are taking it a step further with the love of storage baskets. They are a great way to keep the home looking organized and hide any clutter or small household items. Storage cubes and baskets are being used in every room of the home, and for every purpose from in bathroom and under the sink storage to children’s bedroom and playroom dilemmas. Those struggling with space have deemed these to be must-have items and companies such as IKEA have seen their stocks sell out in a matter of minutes. These are not just any storage baskets either; their designs are much more original and innovative than typical storage boxes. There is also a significant mini-trend to be noted: matching these baskets to home decor and even interior color scheme.

These trends are just the tip of the iceberg. Home organization is going nowhere soon, and we can guarantee that you will be seeing much more of these trends in the near future, as people focus more on creating the best versions of their homes, spurred on by celebrities.

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