Historical Day for Australia – Same-Sex Marriages Officially Allowed


Historical poll in showed a major support of same-sex couples and legitimated their marriages.


Source: CNN

The vote was nonbinding, anyway more than 12.7 million people took part in the survey that is about 79.5% of eligible voters.

They were asked one question: “Should the marriage law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?”

The Yes part debated about equality, while No part draw upon the traditional definition of family, raising concerns about how issues like gender will be taught in schools.

According to the ’s chief statistician David Kalisch said about 7.8 million people voted in support of same-sex marriage, with approximately 4.9 million against it. It’s proving the importance of the issue for Australian.


Many social media users as well as celebrities congratulate with this event.

Apple CEO Tim Cook also jumped on to welcome the results of the survey  in on Twitter, but confused the New Zealand and Australian flags, that are almost identical.

Soon he replaced it with correct one:

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