Health Benefits of Golf for Seniors


Upon the mention of fitness, the idea that crosses many people’s minds is overexerting pressure on muscles and pushing yourself to extremities such that you are left soaked in sweat. While this is an approach of keeping fit and body-building, it is not the only approach to accomplishing overall fitness.



With the primary goal of exercise being to combat excess carbs and improve one’s cardiovascular health, engaging in games may prove an ideal way to put your health in check. While many do not consider golf as an option for realizing fitness, golf ranks a perfect choice as it offers a balance of exercise and fun without exposing one’s muscle to excess strain.

Even more, golf is less costly as compared to other approaches to fitness, thus ensures mental and physical fitness without putting one under financial turmoil. The Algarve golf courses prove an ideal destination to immerse yourself into the golfing ream, thus taking your first stride to fitness. This is not only because the golf courses offer a substantial amount of mental and physical exercise but also because the courses offer a quality challenge for various skill levels and expose you to a variety of vibrant sceneries.

1. Reduced risk of high blood pressure

Among the benefits of golf for seniors, maintaining blood pressure ranks top on the list. Owing to the demand exerted on the muscles by exercise, the heart requires to pump more oxygenated blood, thus covering for the oxygen deficiency on the muscles. This increases the systolic pressure on the heart, thus improving the strength of your heart and exerting lesser pressure on arteries.

As such, the heart can sufficiently tackle the needs of oxygenated blood to various parts of the body hence maintaining optimal blood pressure. However, this calls for a proper diet and quitting of consumption of various drugs, thus realizing optimal blood pressure.

2. Reduced risk of heart disease

While seniors are the most at-risk persons to heart disease, it is solely attributed to a lack of exercise and poor food choices. Owing to the impact of training on the body, seniors can efficiently manage their weight, cholesterol, and weight and also strengthening the heart, thus achieving more efficient performance.

By keeping various elements in check, you avert the factors which result in heart disease, thus realizing better overall heart health.

3. Improved memory

Given the exertion on the muscle upon exercising, you are assured of achieving better sleep for rejuvenation. During rejuvenation, the brain consolidates ideas and experiences of the day, thus cementing memory and slowing memory loss. Even more, aerobic exercise has been hypothesized to increase the size of the hippocampus, which is the area responsible for memory and learning and memory, by the University of British Columbia.

Additionally, engaging in cardio exercise increases the blood flow to the brain, which in turn gives stimulus to nerve cell circuits, thus boosting the brain’s memory circuits. Also, golfing provides exercise, thus curbing mood, improving sleep, and managing stress and anxiety, thus avoiding the triggers associated with cognitive impairment.

4. Weight management

Among the significant challenges that seniors face include excess weight, which in turn triggers various medical conditions. Owing to the increased amount of strolling associated with golfing, one burns excess fat from the body, thus maintaining a proper weight.

As a result of weight management, seniors can go about their daily activities optimally without succumbing to weight-associated conditions. To boost weight management from engagement in golf, however, it is critical to ignite every session with a warm-up exercise, thus ensuring uniform burning of carbs.

Also, it is essential to have a proper diet alongside the exercise, thus realizing proper form and putting your weight in check faster.


The notion that an increase in age is associated with an overall deterioration of fitness and multiple health risks could never be more wrong. By engaging in exercise, seniors can maintain both their physical and mental health, thus increasing their productivity.

Of the many fitness methods at the disposal of seniors, golf ranks as not only the safest but also the least exposed to harm. As such, it is the most appropriate for seniors intending to realize fitness without exposing themselves to the risk of injury.

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Health Benefits of Golf for Seniors
Upon the mention of fitness, the idea that crosses many people's minds is overexerting pressure on muscles and pushing yourself to extremities such that you are left soaked in sweat.

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