Hair Washing Myths You Should Stop Believing


We have been taught too many things since our childhood. Some of those are about superstitions and beliefs about hair washing. However, many of those beliefs turn out to be myths. Beautiful hair is not the result of mere miracles from superstitious hair care. Today, with the prevalence of hair care technology almost everybody is willing to splurge a hefty amount for a shiny and healthy hair.

But first, let us make sure that the hair care procedures we are following are not myths. In this article, we will debunk all the hair washing myths that you should stop believing from now on.

Hair washing myth #1: Using beer to wash your hair will make it smoother.

The truth is that the yeast and malt found in beers can react well with your hair proteins. This is the reason why your hair tends to become shiny, smoother, softer, and bouncy after that “beer wash”. It will also make your hair strong with proper amount of beer. But these benefits are not without side effects. In the long run a big disadvantage can outshine all the benefits of washing your hair with beer. Its alcohol content can dry out your hair and this contributes to hair loss. According to Hairlossable one must only use hair care products that contain clinically tested ingredients.  Otherwise you run the risk of damaging or losing your hair.

Hair washing myth #2: Your hair can get used to the products you are using and will later cease to be responsive to its benefits.

There is no scientific basis on this claim, so basically it is false. The truth is that it is actually because of your hair itself. Your hair can change in density, length, and texture over time. Your hair can grow fast; sometimes you use a product and get optimal results at first. However, that won’t be the case when your hair starts to become six or seven inches longer. It is not because your hair had gotten used to the product. It is because the results vary depending on your type of hair. You also need to consider other factors such as pregnancy wherein changes in hair density could happen. This will make your hair slightly thinner or thicker and these are not the results of your hair products.

Hair washing myth #3: Use shampoo first before you apply conditioner.

The truth is that this is not always the case. There are plenty of products and brands that promote the opposite. Using a conditioner first before you shampoo is a good way to add nourishment to your hair. It can also contribute to a longer lasting blow dry. It also primes your hair for cleansing and it allows even distribution of shampoo on your hair and scalp.

Hair washing myth #4: The more conditioner you use, the better results it will provide.

This is a big MYTH. The truth is that it is better to use less of the right conditioner, and never use a lot of the wrong conditioner. You need to make sure that the brand or product you are using is the ideal one for your hair type. You can ask your hair specialists or stylists to find the right hair care product for you.

Hair washing myth #5: Do not use conditioner if you have  fine hair because it will just weigh down.

Keep in mind that not all conditioners are created equal. They have their own differences and uniqueness, ranging from ingredients to their formulation. Some conditioners could weigh down fine hair because it is not meant for those hair types. However, some conditioners are designed and created to avoid that. For safety, and weigh down precautions better use conditioners on the ends of your hair instead of putting it all the way from the scalp. If you have shorter hair, then it is recommended to use less of hair conditioners, at least once a week will do.

Hair washing myth #6: A cold rinse will make your hair shinier.

This is a long-held belief by most people. Blasting cold water at the end of your shower is said to lock in the cuticle. In turn, your hair can become smoother and flattened. However, the truth is that there is no significant difference between rinsing with warm or cold water. Your hair consists of many dead cells, and these dead cells do not react to any changes in the temperature. Rinsing cold water will not affect your hair growth as they tend to constrict your blood capillaries in the scalp. These capillaries carry the essential nutrients that your hair follicles need for a healthy hair growth.

Hair is our so-called crowning glory. People spend time, effort, and even energy for hair washing, styling, and caring. This is all meant for the hair to become healthy. So, it is important that the tips and procedures you are doing are hair care wisdom sprinkled with facts and not just some any town’s folklore.

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