Grow your Youtube Channel 5x Faster


In the era of social media marketing, nothing sounds more appealing than using the advantage of all the opportunities given by social media platforms.  Youtube, also known as the second-largest search engine, is quite an attractive career path for a lot of people; however, to build the community around your channel and keep them engaged on your platform could be challenging. 


Luckily, some of the successful YouTubers share helpful tips and tricks on how you can grow your youtube channel and increase your engagement as well. We’ve collected some of the most useful tips which will help you grow your channel faster in the minimum time-frame. 


When it comes to growing your channel and engagement rate, one of the most helpful tips is to increase the frequency of posting up to, at least, one video per week. Arrange your posting schedule and stick to it, no matter what! Remember that people love routine, so make good use out of this – if you post your videos around the same time, on the same day of the week, chances are that your audience will wait for your video; and after some time it will become part of their daily routine to visit your channel and check your videos at that specific time of the day.

If you are a member of the Youtube community then you know who is Casey Neistat, a famous American YouTuber (currently with 12.2 million subscribers), movie maker, and vlogger. He, along with other successful YouTubers, suggests that the key to increasing your platform and your engagement is the frequency of posting. So, why should we ignore tips from the perfect example-cases of flourishing YouTubers? 

Define your content and target audience  

Defining your content is vital when it comes to building up the channel. Identifying the purpose of your channel helps you, as a creator to be more precise and organized. It keeps you on track and protects you from getting lost in the sea of possible content ideas. On the other hand, it also helps the audience to find you easily. When your channel is associated with a certain topic, viewers will think about you as soon as this topic comes up. Be specific and clear to your audience. This also helps you to connect with the right people and once they are interested in the content you create they will most probably come back to check your next video.

Build and support your own brand

Being a YouTuber doesn’t end up there, – you should imagine yourself as an owner of a brand that needs extra support, marketing tools, and constant work for recognition. Don’t hesitate to promote your youtube channel on other social media platforms. Cross-promotion is key, so use every opportunity you get to mention your channel. Encourage your audience to check and subscribe to your youtube channel. Using Youtube growth Services, like Youtubestorm will also help your channel to improve your video rankings and channel growth. Do small video teasers or behind the scenes of your youtube videos, upload them on Facebook, Instagram, or any other platforms you are using. 

Interact with your Audience 

Your Youtube channel and the videos that you upload are forms of communication with your audience, and while communication itself is impossible without two engaging parties, your youtube channel is missing a crucial part if you are not interacting with your community. Encourage your viewers to start a discussion in the comment section, ask them a question, give them a topic for the conversation. Engagement will do magic for the youtube algorithm. 

Create your own style

Just like in a real-life, you have to be your authentic self because all the other roles are already taken. Don’t copy other YouTubers!!! It’s extremely common to see people creating copies of already existing, successful channels. In this case, you are not giving your viewers any reasons to come back for your content. On the contrary, make yourself original and different from others. Your authenticity can be highlighted with the style of your filming, editing, thumbnails, the content you create, the topic you are referring to, etc. Just find your style first and then your audience will have a reason to come back and subscribe to your channel.
Your style can be expressed also in a way of your channel outlook. Is it aesthetically pleasing? Does it look professional? Creating your own style in every aspect will make it easier for the viewers to recognize you immediately. 

Collaborations help your channel grow

If you did everything mentioned above, then your youtube channel is ready for the collaborations. However, collaborations can be efficient only when you identify your target audience and your channel correctly and find another YouTuber more or less in the same style who addresses the same target group. This way you make sure that people who discover you through this collaboration will be interested in your content as well.  This is a great way of sharing your platforms, reaching a new audience, and engaging with more people. 


Sounds like big work, doesn’t it? In fact, it really needs hard work and dedication, and yes, it takes some time. Just remember to always stay your original self, true to yourself and to your audience, stick to your schedule, take good care of your brand and you will see how fast your youtube channel will grow.  

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Grow your Youtube Channel 5x Faster
In the era of social media marketing, nothing sounds more appealing than using the advantage of all the opportunities given by social media platforms.
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