Google I/O 2018: 5 Things to Expect + How To Watch


Google’s annual developer conference, I/O, will take place on May 8-10 and reveal a lot of announcements and great things about  , AI, and the smart assistant and many more. 



In a nutshell 

I/O is an annual event, the developer conference, that is a chance for Google to sum up all the achievements for the year and introduce new technology and the brightest announcements.

In 2018, I/O will be held at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California on May 8-10. We hope to hear something about the future plans of Google, , and Google’s AI development, Wear OS, Google Assistant, Google Home, Google Play, and Search news.

What to expect 

There was a lot of leaks and rumors about Google for the last months. Also, the company gave a plenty of hints about the new products and announcements.

Here is a list of what we expect to see on Google I/O 2018:


We expect to hear more about products that use artificial intelligence like the voice- and text-based Google Assistant, Google Translate, Google Lens as well as TensorFlow platform and its Tensor Processing Unit chips.

Also, there is a rumor that Google’s AI will try to fit in Alphabet businesses (DeepMind, Waymo);


The latest version of Google has been working on is P. Probably, the company will introduce visual and interface design improvements. Also, the new version is focused on privacy settings, the usability of menus and settings screens.

There’s also a chance P might take some of iPhone X gesture design.

Google Assistant and Google Home

Later, Google has been expanding the market for Google Home (for instance, Home Mini is now available in India) and the number of devices supporting Google Assistant, the company should introduce some interesting news about both products.

Source: Gadget Flow

Wear OS

Wear OS,  previously known as  Wear, is wearable technology platform or simply a line of smartwatches. Google is expected to talk more about the last update and new improvements: battery life and the dark mode.

Google News

The last but not least, Google News is an important platform used worldwide, thus the company should talk about this one too.

Google will probably update News platform on desktop and mobile and will include the Google Newsstand app into a new all-in-one Google News mobile app with video from YouTube.

GOOGLE I/O 2018: How to Watch
Google will livestream the event on YouTube, beginning Tuesday, May 8 from 10am PST. The schedule has the keynote ending at 11:30am PST. You can watch it live on YouTube HERE:


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Google’s annual developer conference, I/O, will take place on May 8-10 and reveal a lot of announcements and great things about  Android, AI, and the smart assistant and many more.

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