Google Assistant’s Music Recognition Available on All Android Devices: How to Use It?


Released one month ago, a new Shazam-like Google assistant feature could be used only on Google’s Pixel phones. Finally, Google made it available on all models with Google Assistant compatibility.

Peculiarities of Software

Google Assistant’s music recognition was earlier designed for The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. The software was able to listen to the songs around the user offline and identify it in 1 minute.

The cons of this feature were the ability to recognize only popular tracks. Now it can be used on any song and the identification process takes much less time.



Its precursor – voice-based Google Now – is now to be replaced by Google Assistant. The software hasn’t been launched worldwide yet, but the Google is currently working on it.

It is still unknown who teamed up with Google to create this software. However, before that, Apple had used Shazam technologies to make the music identification feature for Siri.

How to Use



The feature is quite easy to use: hold down the home button to summon the app and ask: “What song is this?” or other similar questions.

In a short time, Google Assistant will reply with the composition and its details: the title of the track, the artist’s name, even lyrics excerpt and will provide you with Google Play Music and YouTube links.

If you are in a loud room, you can use a “What’s this song?” chip that appears only when the load composition is playing.

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